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Flashing Display Lights; Using The Dishwasher; Check The Water Temperature; Use Jet-Dry Or Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse Agent - GE Triton XL GSD6900 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
About the dishwasher control panel.
Close the dishwasher d oor and selectthecycleand
desiredenhancements. Touchthe START/RESET
beginthe cycle.Waterfill begins, a nd approximately 60
secondslaterthe washaction begins.
NOTE: Thedishwasherremembers your lastcycleso
you don'thaveto reprogrameachtime.Whenthe
dishwasher d oor isfully closed,the controlpaneljlights
willdisplaythe last settingsyouselected.
The CLEANlightis illuminatedwhen a wash cycle
iscomplete. T helightwillstay ONuntilthe door is
If youdon'twant to changeany of the settings, s imply
touchthe START/RESET
pad to beginthe cycle.
If the door isclosed,the indicatorlightswillturn
off ifthe START/RESET
pad isnot selectedwithintwo
minutes. T oactivatethe display,open and closethe door
or pressany pad.
Also, i f a powerfailureoccurs,NORMAL and HEATED
DRY will automaticallybe programmed. M akeany new
selections and touch theSTART/RESET
pad to beginthe
Flashing display lights.
Status Indicator Lights
What It Means
Using the dishwasher.
Cyclehasbeeninterruptedby pressing theSTART/RESET
pad.Lightwill quit
flashingafterthe dishwasher a utomaticallydrainsout thewate_
Check the Water Temperature
Theenteringwater shouldbeat least120°Fand not more
than 150°F for effectivecleaningandto preventdish
damage.Check the water temperaturewith a candy or
meat thermometen Turnon the hotwater faucetnearest
thedishwasher, p lacethe thermometerin a glassand let
thewater run continuously intothe glassuntilthe
®or Cascade
stal Cleaff Rinse Agent
Jet-Dry®or CascadeCrystalClear _ rinseagentsremovespotsand preventnewfilm buildupon yourdishes,glasses,
flatware,cookwareand plastic.
Filling the Dispenser
Therinseagentdispenser holds5.5oz.of rinseagent.Undernorrnalconditions, t his will
last approximately onemonth.Tryto keepit full,but do notoverfill.
I-i7 Makesurethe dishwasherdoorisfully open.
r_ Turnthe dispenser capto the leftand lift it out.
F_] Add rinseagentuntilthe indicatorwindow looksfull.
Cleanup any spilledrinseagentwith a dampcloth.
Replace the dispenser c ap.
Rinse Aid Setting
Theamountof rinseagentreleased intothe final washcan be adjusted. T hefactory
settingis atthe midpoint.If thereare ringsof calcium(hardwater)spotson dishes, t ry
a highersetting.
Toadjust the setting
Remove the dispenser knob;thenturn the adjustercounterclockwise t o increase the
amountof rinseagent.
Dish Preparation Prior to Loading
• Noprerinsingof normalfood soilisrequired.
• Scrapeoff hardsoils,includingbones, t oothpicks,skins
and seeds.
• Remove largequantitiesof any remaining food.
• Remove leafy vegetables, m eattrimmingsand
excessive amountsof greaseor oil.
• Remove acidicfoodsoilsthat can discolorstainless

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Table of Contents

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