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GE Triton XL GSD6900 Owner's Manual page 12

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Table of Contents
Before you call for service...
Possible Causes
What To Do
Detergent/eft in
dispenser cups
Blackor gray
markson dishes
Dishesdon't dry
Control panel responded
to inputs but dishwasher
never filled with water
Stainedtub interior
Dishwasherwon't run
Control panel lights
go off when you're
setting controls
Water standing in
the bottom of the tub
Water won't pump
out of the tub
Sanitized light does
not illuminate at the
end of the cycle
Dishes are blocking the
detergent cup
Aluminum utensilshave
rubbed against dishes
Low inletwater temperature
Rinseagent dispenseris emptg
Door latch mag not be properlg
• Repositionthe dishes,so the water from the lower sprag arm can
flush the detergent cup. Seethe Loadingthe dishwashersection.
• Remove markswith a mild,abrasivecleanen
• Makesureinletwatertemperatureisat least120°E
• Select H EATED DRY.
• Select a highercycle,suchasANTI-BACTERIA,
Check the rinseagentdispenser a nd fillasrequired.
Hakesurethe door isfirmly closed.
Water valve mag be turned off
Some tomato-based foods can
cause reddish stains
Teaor coffeestains
An overallgellowor brownfilmcan •
be causedbg iron depositsin water
White film on insidesurface-
hard water minerals
Fuseisblown or circuitbreaker
is tripped
Hakesurewatervalve(usuallylocatedunderthe sink)isturnedon.
Useof the RINSE ONLY cycleafter addingthe dishto the load
candecrease the levelof staining.GErecommends Cascade ®
PlasticBoosterto helpremovethesetypesof stains.
Remove the stainby hand,usinga solutionof 1/2cup bleach
and 3 cupswarm water.
Beforecleaninginterior, w ait at least20 minutesafter a cycleforthe
heatingelementsto cooldown.Failureto do so can resultin burns.
A special f ilter in the water supplylineisthe only wagto correct
this problem. C ontacta water softenercompang.
GErecommends Jet-Dry®or CascadeCrystal CleaPto help
preventhard water mineraldeposits from forming.
Rundishwasher w ith citricacidto removemineraldeposits. C itricacid
(Partnumber:WD35×151) c anbe orderedthroughGEParts.Seeback
coverfor orderinginformation.
Replace fuseor resetcircuitbreakenRemove any otherappliances from
the circuit.
Poweristurned off
• Insomeinstallations, the powerto the dishwasher i s provided througha
wall switch,often locatednextto the disposer switch.Hakesureit ison.
Control panel is locked
• Unlockcontrolpanel.Seepage 5 or 7.
Rebootgour control
Time too long between
touching of selected pads
• Turn off power to the dishwasher (circuit breaker or wall switch) for
30 seconds; then turn back on.
• Each pad must be touched within 30 seconds of the others.
To relight, touch any pad again, or unlock and relatch door.
This is normal
Drain is clogged
Thisis normal
Thedoor was openedand the
cgclewas interrupted during
or after the mainwash portion
temperature was too low
Normal operating sounds
• A small amount of clean water around the outlet on the tub
bottom at the back of the tub keepsthe water seal lubricated.
• If you havean air gap,cleanit. Seepage 12.
• If thedishwasher d rainsintoa disposer, rundisposer clear.
• Check to seeif your kitchensinkis drainingwell.If not, gou
magneeda plumber.
• Warm,moistair comesthroughthe vent bg the door latchduring drying
and whenwater isbeingpumpedout. Thisisnecessarg for drying.
• Donot interruptthecgcleanytimeduringor after mainwash.
Raisethe water heater temperature to between 120°Fand 140°E
• Detergentcup opening.
• Water entering dishwasher.
• The motor stops and starts at various times during the cycle.
• Drain pump sounds durinq the pump out.
• Hake suredishesare properlg loaded.Seethe Loadingthe
Rattling dishes when the spray
arm rotates

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Table of Contents

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