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Troubleshooting - GE Triton XL GSD6900 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Before you call for service..,
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages,
or visit You mog not need to call for service.
Error Messages
Possible Causes
What To Do
You have pressed the
• Press the START/RESET
padonlg whengou want to restartthe
indicator light flashing START/RESET pad while the
dishwasher is running. This will
cancel the cgcle. The light will stop
fleshing after the dishwasher drains
(about 90 seconds).
Dishwasher BEEPS
This is a reminder that gour
• Close and latchthe door afteropeningit mid-cgcle.
once every 30 seconds dishwasher door has been left
open during operation. It will
continue beeping until gau close
the door.
Possible Causes
What To Do
Dishesand flatware
Lowinlet water temperature
• Makesureinletwater temperatureiscorrect(seepage 8).Turnon
not clean
the hot waterfaucet nearest t he dishwasher, l etrun untilthe water
temperaturestopsrising. T henstartthe dishwasher a ndturn off
the faucet.Thisinsures the enteringwater ishot.
Water pressureis temporarilg low • Turnon a faucet. Iswater comingout moreslowlgthan usual?
Ifso,wait untilpressure isnormalbeforeusinggour dishwasher.
Air gap or disposerisclogged
• Cleanthe air gapor flushthe dispose_
Improper rack loading
• Makesurelargedishwaredoesnot blockthe detergentdispenser
or thewash arms.Seethe Loading thedishwasher r ackssection.
No air gap or high drain loop
• Verifgthat gou havean air gap or a high drainloop.Refer t o
the Installation Instructions.
Spotsand filming
on glassesand
Extremelghard water
Lowinlet water temperature
Overloadingthe dishwasher
Oldor damp powderdetergent
Rinseagent dispenseremptg
Toolittle detergent
• Use
Jet-Dry®or CascadeCrystal Clear _ rinseagentsto removespotsand
preventnewfilm buildup.
• Toremovestubbornspotsand pre-existing film from glassware:
1 Remove all metal utensils from the dishwasher.
2 Donotadd detergent.
3 Select t he POTS & PANS cgcle.
4 Startthe dishwasher a nd allowto run for 18 to 22 minutes.Dishwasher
will nowbeinthemainwash.
5 Openthe door and pour 2 cups(500ml)of white vinegarintothe
bottomofthe dishwashen
6 Close the door and allowto completethe cgcle.If vinegarrinsedoesn't
work:Repeat a sabove,exceptuse1/4cup(60ml)of citricacidcrgstals
insteadof vinegan
Cloudiness on
Combinationof soft water and
• Thisiscalledetchingand is permanent.Topreventthis from happening,
too much detergent
uselessdetergentif gou havesoftwatenWashglassware in the shortest
cgclethat will getthem clean.
Water temperatureentering
• Thiscouldbe etching.Lowerthe water heatertemperature.
the dishwasherexceeds150°F
Sudsin the tub
• Useonlgautomaticdishwasher d etergentsto avoidsudsing.
wasn't used
Cascade ®and Eleetrasal ®AutomaticDishwashing Detergents
havebeenapprovedfor usein all GEdishwashers.
• Toremovesudsfrom the tub, openthedishwasherand let
sudsdissipate. C lose and latchthe dishwashen Pumpoutwater
bg touchingtheSTART/RESET
pad once;then 30 secondslater,
touchthe START/RESET
pad again.Repeat i f necessarg.
Rinse agent was spilled
• Alwagswipeup rinseagentspillsimmediatelg.

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Table of Contents

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