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Operating The Saw - Craftsman 315.108620 Operator's Manual

7-1/4 in. circular saw with laser guide double insulated
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See Figures 12 - 14,,
It is important to understand the correct method for
operating the sawnRefer to the f/gums in this section to
learn the correct and incorrect ways for handling the saw,
WARNING: To make sawingeasier andsafer,
always maintain propercontrolof the saw° Loss of
controlcoutd cause an accident resulting in possible
serious personal ln]uryo
_1_ DANGER: When lifting the saw from the work'piece,
the blade is exposed on the underside of the saw
until the lower blade guard closes° Make sure the
lower blade guard is closed before setting the saw
To make the best possible cut, follow thesehelpful hints.
m Hold the saw firmly with both hands.
m Avoid placing your hand on the workptece while
making a cut.
Im Support the workpiece so that the cut (kerr)is always
to your side,
[] Support the workpiece near the cut.
Draw a guideline along the desired line of cut before
beginningyour cut.
[] Keep the cord away from the cutting area. Always
placethe cord to prevent it from hanging up on the
workpiece whilemaking a cut.
DANGER_ If the cord hangs up on the workplece
during a cut, releasethe switch trigger immediately.
Unplugthe saw and reposition the cord to prevent it
from hangingup again.
DANGER_ Using a saw with a damaged cord could
result in serious personal injury or death. If the cord
has been damaged, have It replaced before using
the saw again.
Fig. 12
= Clamp the workpiece securelyso that the workpiece
wilt not move during thecut.
t Always place the saw on theworkplece that is sup-
ported, not the "cut off"piece,
III Race the workpiece with the "good" side down.



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