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Applications; Using The Level System; Point Marking (Hand Held); Making A "Chalk Line" - Craftsman 320.48249 Owner's Manual

360 ° level system 2-beam level, plumb and square
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This level can be easily used in several ways, tt can be hand, held for point
marking and simple alignment,
placed against a plumb wall or on a level
structure (and re-leveled) or mounted on a tripod (sold separately)
to project
a pulsing dot 'chalk line' as a horizontal
level line or vertical plumb line, Be
sure to re-level (re-calibrate) the Level System everytime you change its position,
1, Be sure the Level System is in the
"Stop Mode" (ON but not rotating).
2, Align the laser beam to your target
by turning the rotary head manually
(Fig. 10), The tool can be used for
marking a series of points either in the
horizontal or vertical direction,
1. Place the Level System on a horizontal
surface or on a tripod stand
(sold separately),
2, Level (calibrate) the tool, (See page 6,)
3. Press the "ON/OFF" soft touch button
to turn the power ON_
4, Align the laser beam to your target
by turning the rotary head manually°
5. Press "soft touch button 3" to project
a chalk line. Press once to project
the longest chalk line length; twice to
project a medium chalk line length;
three times to project the shortest
chalk line length,
You can generate a chalk line either in the horizontal or vertical direction
(Fig. 9). if you want to change your work target, just turn the rotary
head manually to the new target.You
do not have to turn the power
off even with the head in motion. Just rotate the head to new position.


Table of Contents

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