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Emptying The Drum; Blowing Feature - Craftsman 113.176110 Owner's Manual

2.5 gallon wet/dry vac
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Table of Contents
Operation (continued)
the Drum
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting, unplug
power cord before emptying the drum.
1. Remove the power head assembly of
the Wet/Dry Vac by pulling outward on
the latches located on each side of the
Vac. Lift off the power head assembly.
2. Dump the drum contents into the
proper waste disposal container.
Power Head
Latch (2)
Your Vac features a blowing port. It can
blow sawdust and other debris. Follow
the steps below to use your Vac as a
WARNING: Always wear safety
eyewear complying with ANSI Z87.1
(or in Canada CSA Z94.3) when using
as a blower.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury to bystanders,
keep them clear
of blowing debris.
Wear a dust mask if
blowing creates dust which might be
nha ed.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of
hearing damage, wear ear protectors
when using the Vac/Blower for
extended time or in a noisy area.
1. Locate blowing port of your Vac.
2. Insert one end of the hose into the
blowing port.
3. Turn Vac "ON" and you are ready to
use your Vac as a blower.
NOTE: If you need additional length at
the end of the hose, extension wands are
available at Sears retail stores or
as Stock No. 17849.

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Table of Contents

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