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Craftsman 113.176110 Owner's Manual page 3

2.5 gallon wet/dry vac
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Table of Contents
• Donotusewitha torn filter orwithout
thefilter installed except when
vacuuming liquids a sdescribed inthis
manual. Dry debris i ngested bythe
impeller may damage themotor orbe
exhausted intotheair.
• Turn offVac before u nplugging.
• Toreduce t herisk ofinjury from
accidental starting, unplug p ower cord
before c hanging orcleaning filter.
• Donotunplug b ypulling o ncord. To
unplug, grasp theplug, n otthecord.
• Donotusewithdamaged cord, p lug or
other p arts. I fyour V ac isnotworking
asit should, hasmissing p arts, has
been dropped, damaged, leftoutdoors,
ordropped intowater, call c ustomer
• Donotpull o rcarry bycord, u secord
ashandle, close a door o ncord, o rpull
cord around s harp edges o rcorners.
Keep cord away from heated s urfaces.
• Donothandle p lug, s witch, ortheVac
with wethands.
• Connect only toa properly grounded
outlet. Seegrounding instructions.
• Useonly extension cords thatarerated
foroutdoor useandhave agrounding
conductor. Extension cords inpoor
condition ortoosmall inwire sizecan
pose fireandshock h azards.
Toreduce t herisk ofthese hazards,
besure thecordisingood condition
and thatliquid does notcontact the
connection. Donotuseanextension
cord withconductors smaller than
16gauge (AWG) insize.Toreduce
power loss, u se a 14gauge extension
cord if25to50ft long and12gauge
for50ftor longer.
• Donotputanyobject into ventilation
openings. Donotvacuum withany
ventilation openings blocked; keep free
ofdust, l int, h airoranything thatmay
reduce a irflow.
• Keep hair, l oose clothing, fingers, and
allparts ofbody away from openings
andmoving p arts.
• Toreduce t herisk offalls, u seextra
care when cleaning o nstairs.
• Toreduce t herisk ofpersonal injury or
damage toVac, u seonly Craftsman
• When using asablower:
- Direct airdischarge only atwork area.
- Donotdirect a iratbystanders.
- Keep children a way w hen blowing.
- Donotuseblower foranyjobexcept
blowing d irtanddebris.
- Donotuseasa sprayer.
- Wear s afety e yewear.
• Toreduce t herisk ofeyeinjury, wear
safety e yewear. The operation ofany
utility Vac orblower canresult i n
foreign o bjects b eing blown intothe
eyes, which canresult i nsevere e ye
• Toreduce t heriskofhearing d amage,
wear e arprotectors when using for
extended time orina noisy area.
• Fordusty operations, wear d ust m ask.
• Static s hocks arecommon when the
relative h umidity oftheairislow.
finedebris w ithyour V ac
candeposit static c harge o nthehose
orVac. T oreduce t hefrequency of
static s hocks i nyour h ome orwhen
using t hisVac, a ddmoisture totheair
witha humidifier.
Observe thefollowing warnings that
appear onthemotor housing o fyour V ac:
• For your own safety, read and
understand owner's manual.
• Do not run unattended.
• Do not pick up hot ashes, coals,
toxic, flammable or other hazardous
• Do not use around explosive liquids
or vapors.
To reduce the risk of
electric shock - do not expose to rain -
store indoors.

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Table of Contents

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