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Before Use; During Use; After Use - Black & Decker BPC08CJ Use And Care Book Manual

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Wait 24 hours before turning on the air conditioner if the unit has been tilted for any reason.
This allows the oils and the coolants to settle and level off.
1. Use an 115V, 15Amp outlet for the air conditioner. Do not use any other electrical appliances on
this line or you may trip the fuse. Use a dedicated line for this air conditioner.
2. Do not place the air conditioner in direct sunlight or close to any heating appliances (ie.,
baseboard heaters, stoves, etc.)
3. Operate on a flat surface only.
4. Keep the unit free of any obstructions such as drapes, curtains, blinds, etc.
5. Keep unit at least 1 foot away from the wall.
When turning on the unit for the first time after plugging it into an electrical outlet, the unit will start
in a high fan cooling mode. The temperature display on the LEDwill show the current room
temperature. When turning on the unit during regular usage, it will remember the last setting used.
If you want to operate the air conditioner as a dehumidifier, then adjust to dehumidification mode.
After a normal shut down, wait for 3 minutes before restarting the unit so as to complete the
compressor cycle.
In cooling mode, this portable air conditioner does not require water to be removed. The unit has
a unique design which continuously evaporates the water. In heating mode, or when the unit is
operated in high humidity conditions, you may need to empty the water pan periodically, since the
auto-evaporation function does not operate in heat mode. The unit will shut down automatically
when the water pan is full and the "Tank Full" warning light will turn on.
Emptying the water tank: Place a shallow pan below the drain plug located on the back of the
unit (near the bottom of the air conditioner), remove plug, and drain the water pan completely.
Re-insert the drain plug. You will then be able to restart your portable air conditioner.
Check and clean the filter once every week for highest efficiency.
NOTE: Do not operate unit without filter.
1. If the unit is not being used for a long period of time, remove the plug from the water drain and
drain out any condensed water. Please see the "Storage" section on page 10 for more



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