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How To Use - Black & Decker Spacemaker CO100 Use And Care Book Manual

Under-the-cabinet can opener
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How to Use
This appliance is for household use only.
1. Lift piercing lever.
2. Tip can so that the rim is under the locating post, then push down on the piercing
lever, making sure the cutter blade is inside the rim of the can (M).
Note: Because of the hands-free feature, it is not necessary to hold the lever down
or hold the can during cutting. However, you may have to support very tall or heavy
Tip: When the can is opened, the can opener will stop automatically.
3. To remove the can, hold it with one hand and raise the lever with the other.
Caution: void contact with the cut edges of the can or lids — they are sharp. During
opening process, the design of your can opener will roll the rim of the can to prevent
sharp edges; however, handle with caution and always handle cut lid with caution, as
these edges are not rolled.
4. Carefully discard the lid from the magnet.
Important Tips:
• Do not use this can opener to open cans with a pull tab, peel-off foil seal,
or rolling key or rimless cans.
• Open frozen juices or foods in cardboard cans right from the freezer, while they
are frozen.
luminum lids will not stick to the magnet.

1. For best results, sharpen the entire blade length in one continuous stroke.
2. Insert blade to be sharpened with the end of the blade closest to the handle on the
knife into the sharpening slot.
3. Carefully press down on the blade and pull it toward you through the slot in one
continuous stroke (N).
Important: Do not saw knife back and forth to sharpen. Pull through the sharpener
in one direction with a continuous, slow, even motion. Failure to do so may dull or
damage your blade.
4. Repeat until desired sharpness is achieved.
5. Wash and dry knife before using again.
Important Tips:
• Use caution when washing and drying knives after sharpening.
• Do not sharpen serrated blades, as this will smooth their edges.
• Do not sharpen scissors.
1. Grasp the bottle and position cap above the lip on the back side of the bottle
2. Tilt bottom of the bottle away from you to catch the cap on the lip and open the
bottle (P).

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