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Under-the-cabinet can opener


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5. Drilling from under the cabinet up, drill holes through the 4 places marked on
the template, using a ¼-inch drill bit (E).
Important: lways ensure you are drilling straight up through the marked
mounting holes on the template. Drilling at an angle may prevent proper
installation and may damage cabinets if the drill bit pierces the partition.
6. Once holes are drilled, remove tape and mounting template.
7. Wipe dust and debris off the topside and underside of the cabinet surface.
8. Place a washer inside the cabinet over each of the 4 holes you drilled.
9. Hold appliance in place, aligning front of unit with front edge of cabinet;
drilled holes on cabinet should be aligned with mounting holes on the unit.
10. Drop one of your screws through each of the washers covering the holes in the
cabinet, from inside the cabinet down.
Note: To determine which screws to use, you must have enough of the screw
exposed underneath the cabinet to properly thread the screw into the nut.
11. Screwing from inside the cabinet down into appliance holes, tighten 4 screws
in place to secure appliance to cabinet.
Note: lways tighten screws to ensure the appliance does not move or shake
during operation.
12. Pull out cord from cord storage behind appliance and plug into standard
electrical outlet. Extra cord can be fed back into storage or hung over cord
management hook behind unit (F).
Note: If you are connecting this appliance to the receptacle of another
†SpaceMaker™ appliance such as the toaster oven or coffeemaker, make sure you
can easily unplug the appliance following use.
13. Your †SpaceMaker™ appliance is now ready for use!
For cabinets with an overhang molding (see Illustration C)
Important: lways wear protective glasses or goggles to prevent injury when
Note: Spacers are provided in case your cabinet has an overhang molding at the
front edge. Only use spacers on the rear screws of the appliance to ensure it is
level with the front.
1. Clear countertop under installation area to avoid getting dust or debris on other
appliances or items. Open cabinets and remove contents to make mounting
2. Clean both the underside and topside of the bottom panel of the cabinet.
3. Using a ruler, measure the thickness of the overhang molding (G), accurately
noting the number for use in the following step.
Note: If you do not have a ruler, you may cut out the paper ruler provided on the
edge of your mounting template.
4. fter measuring the overhang molding thickness as shown in Illustration G, look
at the dashed lines on the mounting template; each line has a measurement
next to it that indicates the thickness of the overhang molding used with that
line. For example, if your cabinet has an overhang molding thickness of ½",
you will use the ½" dashed line on the template.
5. Fold the template along the dashed line that matches the thickness of your
overhang molding.
6. Place the folded template against the back edge of the overhang molding,
making sure the side with the drill hole marks is facing down (H).

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