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Getting Started; Accessing The System Settings - X10 AirPad7p Owner's Manual

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Getting Started

First charge the battery in your AirPad,
connect the power supply to the POWER
jack on the side of your AirPad (not the
headphone jack) and plug the power
supply into an AC outlet. It may take up to
4 hours to fully charge the unit.
The AirPad does NOT charge via the included USB cable.
For best battery performance leave your AirPad charging overnight
or when not in use. See also page 21.
You can read various sections of this manual at any time to learn
how to accomplish specifi c tasks. You can also visit X10's Wiki
on-line at:
Also see our AirPad Forums at:
To turn your AirPad on
Press and hold the POWER button on the top of the unit until the
Android logo appears on the screen. Release the button and wait
while the unit "boots up." Then swipe the lock icon to the right with
your fi nger to unlock it.
To suspend the AirPad (Sleep mode)
Note that this still uses power and can run the battery down quite
quickly if Wi-Fi is turned on. The AirPad will go to sleep by itself if
you do nothing for a while. To force it to go into sleep mode, press
and release the round POWER button on the top of the unit.
To turn the AirPad completely off (shut it down)
Press and hold the round POWER button on the top of the unit until
you see a screen that shows the option to Power off. Touch that button
on the screen. Then touch OK. Next time you power on you will need
to follow the steps above. If however the AirPad was just "asleep"
then just pressing the POWER button displays a screen where you
can swipe the lock icon with your fi nger to unlock it.
The plug does
not go all the
way in, this is
Getting Started, cont.
POWER USB Reset HDMI out MicroSD card slot Headphones

Accessing the System Settings

Throughout this owner's manual we'll use a couple of different
methods for accessing the System Settings section. There are
several ways to get to the System Settings, either way works fi ne,
and it's up to you which method you prefer:
Method 1
On your Home screen, touch
2. Touch on the Settings icon.
Method 2
1. On your Home screen, touch the hard Menu key, to the bottom
right of the screen, below the hard Home key.
2. A pop-up menu appears (at the bottom right of the screen).
Touch System Settings.
(top right of the screen).



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