Using And External Microsd Card; How To Move Apps To A Microsd Card; Battery Performance - X10 AirPad7p Owner's Manual

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Managing your AirPad
Using an external microSD card
You can add more memory to your AirPad by purchasing a
microSD card, they come in various capacities. Hold the card
parallel to the slot (not at an angle) and push it in. You will feel a
slight resistance before it seats itself.
To remove the microSD card: Go to Settings, touch Storage, and
scroll down the left panel until you see Unmount SD card. Touch
Unmount and then touch OK.
Press on the card and it will pop out.

How to move Apps to a microSD Card

After you’ve installed a lot of Apps on your AirPad, you might get
a message saying that there’s not enough memory left to install
another App. You can free up some memory by moving some Apps
from the main memory to the microSD card:
1. On your Home screen, touch the hard Menu key, to the bottom
right of the screen, below the hard Home key.
2. A pop-up menu appears (at the bottom right of the screen).
Touch Manage apps.
3. Scroll to and touch the App you want to move.
Managing your AirPad, cont.
How to move Apps to a microSD Card, cont.
4. Touch Move to SD card, the button changes to Moving. After
it’s moved, or if the App is already on the SD card, you will see
an option to Move to tablet.
Touch the Home icon
(bottom left of screen) or the hard key
to the right of the screen to exit back to your Home screen.

Battery Performance

For best battery performance leave your AirPad charging overnight
or when not in use.
You can get longer battery life if you don’t use active wallpaper.
See how to change your wallpaper on page 18.
Turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t need it.
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