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How To Watch Movies And Videos; Using Wallpaper; Using A Wi-Fi Hotspot; Recently Used Apps - X10 AirPad7p Owner's Manual

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How to watch Movies or Videos
1. Download video fi les from the Internet, or transfer them to your
AirPad from your PC or laptop. (See Transferring fi les from
your PC on pages 16 & 17).
2. On the main Apps screen, or on your Home screen if you copied
the icon there, fi nd and touch the Super-HD Player icon.
3. Find and touch the movie or video fi le you want to play.

Using Wallpaper

1. On your Home screen, touch the hard Menu key, to the bottom
right of the screen, below the hard Home key.
2. A pop-up menu appears (at the bottom right of the screen).
Touch Wallpaper.
3. Select the wallpaper you desire, and touch Set wallpaper.
Note that Live wallpaper consumes battery power.

Using a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can connect to the Internet from your AirPad by Wi-Fi if
you are near a Wi-Fi router, such as in your home or offi ce. (See
turning on Wi-Fi on page 9). Or by using a local Hotspot such
as you can fi nd at Airports, Hotels, and some coffee shops, for
example. Some cell phones act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing you
to connect your AirPad to your cell phone via Wi-Fi and then
connect to the Internet via your cell phone. You can also purchase
a stand-alone Wi-Fi Hotspot from many major cell phone service
providers (contract required from your provider). The AirPad
connects to the Hotspot via Wi-Fi and then the Hotspot connects to
the Internet via 3G or 4G broadband.

Recently Used Apps

If you touch the
symbol in the bottom left of the screen, your
most recently viewed Apps pop up. You can scroll through them
and select an App to open it.
Connecting to a TV

How to connect the AirPad to a TV

First, make sure your TV has an HDMI input, you will also need a
mini HDMI cable (sold separately). Connect the AirPad to your TV
with the cable, then follow the instructions in your TV's manual to
view the correct HDMI video input.
When using the camera function while connected to a TV the
camera image only appears on the AirPad's screen.
When watching a movie or video while connected to a TV the
controls appear on both screens but the movie only appears on the
TV screen.



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