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User Maintenance Instructions - GE 169053 Manual

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user mAintenAnCe instruCtions

1. Before cleaning, be sure that the unit is "off," power-on light is off and the cord
is unplugged from the outlet.
2. Whenever possible, rinse the filler cap and lid immediately after processing to
make cleanup easier. Do not immerse the motor base in liquid. iF washing the
jar by hand, wash in hot, soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly. if necessary,
use a nylon bristle brush to thoroughly clean the jar.
3. Do not use rough scouring pads or cleansers on any plastic or metal parts.
4. Do not fill the jar with boiling water. Do not place any of the parts in boiling
5. Do not allow the blade assembly in the jar to soak in water for long periods
of time.
CaUTion – never immerSe THe BaSe in waTer or anY oTHer LiqUid


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