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HP ProLiant DL388 User Manual: General Dimm Slot Population Guidelines

Hp proliant dl388 g7 server user guide.
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Lockstep mode uses channel 1 and channel 2. Channel 3 is not populated. Because channel 3 cannot be
populated when using Lockstep mode, the maximum memory capacity is lower than Advanced ECC mode.
Memory performance with Advanced ECC is also slightly higher.
Online Spare memory configuration
Online spare memory provides protection against degraded DIMMs by reducing the likelihood of
uncorrected memory errors. This protection is available without any operating system support.
Online spare memory protection dedicates one rank of each memory channel for use as spare memory. The
remaining ranks are available for OS and application use. If correctable memory errors occur at a rate
higher than a specific threshold on any of the non-spare ranks, the server automatically copies the memory
contents of the degraded rank to the online spare rank. The server then deactivates the failing rank and
automatically switches over to the online spare rank.
Mirrored memory configuration
Mirroring provides protection against uncorrected memory errors that would otherwise result in server
downtime. Mirroring is performed at the channel level. Channels 1 and 2 are used; channel 3 is not
Data is written to both memory channels. Data is read from one of the two memory channels. If an
uncorrectable error is detected in the active memory channel, data is retrieved from the mirror channel. This
channel becomes the new active channel, and the system disables the channel with the failed DIMM.

General DIMM slot population guidelines

Observe the following guidelines for all AMP modes:
Populate DIMM slots for a processor only if the processor is installed.
To maximize performance in multi-processor configurations, distribute the total memory capacity
between all processors as evenly as possible.
Do not mix Unbuffered and Registered PC3 DIMMs.
Each channel supports up to two Unbuffered DIMMs.
If quad-rank DIMMs are installed for a processor, a maximum of two DIMMs can be installed on each
channel for that processor.
If a channel contains quad-rank DIMMs, the quad-rank DIMM must be installed first on that channel.
DIMM speeds are supported as indicated in the following table.
Populated slots
(per channel)
Advanced ECC population guidelines
For Advanced ECC mode configurations, observe the following guidelines:
Single- or dual-rank
Single- or dual-rank
Single- or dual-rank
Speeds supported
1333, 1066
Hardware options installation 49



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