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Removing A Storage Card; Printing Directly From The Camera; Using A Pcmcia Adapter - Epson 700 User Manual

Epson digital camera user manual
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Service manual - 235 pages
User manual - 145 pages
Basic manual - 64 pages


Removing a Storage Card

Make sure the camera and the LCD screen are turned off.
Then follow these steps:
1. Open the cover and slide the switch on the bottom of the
camera to eject the card.
2. Remove the card by hand, then close the card slot cover.
Never remove the card while the camera is accessing it. Data in the
card may be lost or damaged. Avoid using or storing the card in dusty
places, in direct sunlight, or in places that are extremely hot or humid.

Using a PCMCIA Adapter

Follow these steps to use an adapter:
1. Insert the storage card all the way into the adapter, as shown
2. Insert the adapter into your computer's Type II PCMCIA

Printing Directly from the Camera

Your PhotoPC 700 lets you print directly to any of the
following ink jet printers:
EPSON Stylus
EPSON Stylus Photo 700
EPSON Stylus Photo EX
EPSON Stylus COLOR 600
EPSON Stylus COLOR 800
EPSON Stylus COLOR 850
You can print with EPSON ink jet media, including coated or
glossy paper, glossy film, ink jet cards, and photo stickers.
Direct Print allows you to print in various layouts, including
the following:
Full size or 5
7 images
Album images
Contact prints
Before you start, make sure you have the standard Macintosh
printer cable (Apple System Serial-8 cable) that came with
your camera. Don't use the PC connection cable or Macintosh
adapter cable. Then, follow these steps to connect your camera
to the printer:
1. Make sure both the camera and printer are turned off.
2. Connect either end of the interface cable to the serial
connector on the back of the printer.
3. Open the connector cover on the side of the camera.
EPSON PhotoPC 700
EPSON PhotoPC 700
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