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Connecting To A Windows Pc; Getting Pictures Into Your Computer - Epson 700 User Manual

Epson digital camera user manual
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Service manual - 235 pages
User manual - 145 pages
Basic manual - 64 pages


2. Open the camera's connector cover and connect the black
end of the video cable to the
3. Connect the yellow end of the cable to the
on the television or VCR:
4. Turn on the TV (and VCR) and switch to the correct video
5. Slide the screen switch on your camera to
last picture you took appears on the TV screen. You can use
all of the camera's playback features when your pictures are
displayed on TV.
Using the Camera for Presentations
You can connect your camera to a multimedia projector or
television and show not just photos, but also text and graphics.
The EPSON Photo File Uploader lets you transfer images
from your computer to your camera. Anything you can
display on your computer screen can be captured, converted,
and uploaded. You can create and show a presentation
without printing overhead transparencies or slides, and
without a laptop computer.

Getting Pictures into Your Computer

When you're finished taking pictures, you can connect the
camera to your computer and transfer the images.
port as shown:
. The

Connecting to a Windows PC

Before you start, turn off the camera, LCD screen, and your
computer. Then follow these steps:
1. Locate a serial port on the back of your computer.
2. Line up the serial connector on the cable with one of the
serial ports on your computer, and insert the connector.
Then tighten the screws.
3. Open the connector cover on the side of the camera.
4. Depending on the type of cable you have, line up either the
arrow or the flat side of the cable connector with the mark
on the camera's serial port. Then insert the connector.
5. Turn on the camera and your computer system.
EPSON PhotoPC 700
EPSON PhotoPC 700
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