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Installation And Adjustment - Haier XQS80-828 User Manual

Double drive full automatic washing machine
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Installation and adjustment

Please install and adjust the machine according to the requirement of the manual.
It is very important to your security and correct operating the machine.
Install the inner cover component
1.Open the top lid of the washing machine.
2.Put the inner cover component on the outer tub cover, aiming the inner cover
shaft to the installation hole of the corresponding outer tub cover shaft groove.
3.Firstly insert the inner cover shaft of one side into the corresponding outer tub
cover shaft groove, then push the another inner cover shaft into the corresponding outer
tub cover shaft groove. Please install to designated position to guarantee there are no
dropping or abnormal sound in opening and closing of the inner cover, and the operation
shall be smooth. Do not dismount the inner cover component after washing.
Outer tub cover
Outer tub cover shaft groove
Inner cover shaft
Inner cover component
Figure 1
Install the bottom plate
After you open the package, please lean
the washing machine gently down on soft
items ( like the towel cloth, blanket, etc. ).
Install the bottom plate to the bottom of
the machine, then lift the machine up
gently. See to the figure:
Two claws at the bottom cover shall
be inserted in two bar-shaped holes
in the stand. Make sure the claws
are firmly in place.
Right hand
Left hand
Figure 2
Bottom plate
Soft items
Section I enlarging
The washing machine has a Woollen program , intended for high-grade fabrics such as cashmere . First, make sure the laundry
can be washed with water or not. If not, do not use the washing machine to wash the laundry. If yes, select the washing cycle
recommended by the fabric man ufacturer. The Woollen program can be used to wash fine clothes such as cashmere sweater,
linen blouse,woolen pants; For clothes with local stains, such as sticky stains at collar or cuff, lay the clothes upon a towel and
spread neutral detergent (for washing machine) on the stains. Use a soft brush to pat at the clothes gently before putting the
clothes into the machine.Do not rub the clothes hard.
Before washing, please fold up the laundry as needed, then put the laundry into the inner tub, flat and neat.
These fabrics are not washable:
1. Fabrics that deform when soaked in water;
2.Fabrics that shrink, discolor or go through other exterior changes when soaked in water;
3.Fabrics that lose original texture when soaked in water;
4.Fabrics that discolor when soaked in water;
5.Fabrics that have pilling or pressed pile when soaked in water;
6.Fabrics that have damage when soaked in water.
Upon completion of washing, iron the laundry with a steam iron.
Hold the steam iron above
the laundry and do not touch
the laundry. Reshape the
laundry. (As illustrated
Figure 1
in Fig 1)
3 Push "SOAK" "WASH" "RINSE" "SPIN" button to select suitable procedure program
Even there's no water in the tub, a certain period is required before spin starting.
Separate the laundries that are not colorfast from other laundries in washing.
The soak procedure can work in cooperation with automatic programs like MEMORY,BLANKET , STANDARD, COTTON,
CHILD. There is intermittent pulsator stirring during soak.
After the machine star ts operation, you can only set the program and procedure during washing and soaking,
During rinsing
you can only set the spinning time. and can not make setting in other cases.
During QUICK programs, push the wash ,rinse spin button the machine have no reaction.
4 Push the " WATER LEVEL "button, select suitable water level
For program, the washing machine will execute fuzzy program automatically to detect the cloth.
After defection, it can set the water level automatically. To select other water level, first push the "START/PAUSE"
button, then push the "WATER VALUE" button to set the water level.
5 Push the "DELAY" button to select suitable reserve wash program
After switching on the power, the reserve program is set to off mode automatically. If you need to
set the washing procedure to be finished at reserved time, please push the DELAY
set the reserve wash program. Refer to reserve button in Page 12 for selection.
When the "DELAY" function is activated, the indicator light of the program you
have set will be off. The "reserve (hour)" and "time remain" indicator lights will
be on. During reserve procedure, push the "DELAY"" button to display the reserve mode.
To change the running program or cancel the reserve setting, you
need to switch off the power and make new selection.
6 Push the "START/PAUSE" button
6 Finish washing
After finishing wash
it'll alarm and switch off power automatically
When shrinkage occurs
Stretch the laundry to its original
size and locate it with pins. Use
a steam iron to dry the laundry
completely. Do not touch the
Figure 2
laundry. (As illustrated in Fig 2)
"+ - "
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