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Safe Operation
Practices • Set-Up • Operation
• Maintenance
• Service • Troubleshooting
• Warranty
World Tiller m Series 240
MTD LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHiO 44136-0019
PrintedIn USA
(April22, 2010)


   Summary of Contents for Craftsman 240 Series

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    Safe Operation Practices • Set-Up • Operation • Maintenance • Service • Troubleshooting • Warranty World Tiller m Series 240 MTD LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHiO 44136-0019 PrintedIn USA FormNo.769-05429C (April22, 2010)

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    ToTheOwner ThankYou Thank you for purchasing an MTD Garden Tiller. It was carefully If you have any problems or questions concerning the machine, engineered to provide excellent performance when properly phone your local authorized MTD service dealer or contact operated and maintained.

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    importantSafeOperation Practices WARNING! This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting to operate this machine. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury.

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    When practical, remove gas-powered equipment After striking a foreign object, stop the engine, disconnect from the truck or trailer and refuel it on the ground. the spark plug wire and ground against the engine. If this is not possible, then refuel such equipment Thoroughly inspect the machine for any damage.

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    If the fuel tank has to be drained, do this outdoors. SparkArrester Observe proper disposal laws and regulations for gas, oil, etc. to protect the environment. internal combustion engine and should not be used ARNING! According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission on or near any unimproved This machine...

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    Safety Symbols This page depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting assemble and operate...

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    Assembly & Set-Up Contentsof Carton OneTiller One 20 oz. bottle SAE 30W oil One Tiller Operator's Manual One Engine Operator's Manual NOTE:The tiller is shipped without gasoline or oil in the engine. Position the upper handle onto the lower handle. See Fig. Fill up gasoline and oil as instructed in the accompanying engine...

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    5. Insert theclutch c able h andle fitting into thehole onthe Set-tip right s ide oftheupper handle. See Fig. 3-3. (;as & Oil Fill-Up Service the engine with gasoline and oil as instructed in the separate engine manual packed with your tiller. Read the instructions carefully.

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    Controls a nd Features Tine Clutch Recoil Starter Clutch Cable Handlebar Height Adjustment Rea r Wheel Figure 4-1 TineClutchControl RearWheelwith DepthStake The rear wheel can be raised and lowered for transport The clutch control lever is located on the upper handle. storage.

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    Operation The working depth of the machine may be predetermined WARNING! Read, understand, and follow all setting the depth stake so that the wheels are about four inches instructions and warnings posted on the machine from the ground when the tines and depth stake are resting on and in this manual before operating.

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    In some soils, the desired depth is obtained the first time over For proper decaying action, fertilizer should be applied the garden. In other soils, the desired depth is obtained by going worked in with the mulch materials. Breaking up leaves and straw over the garden two or three times.

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    Maintenance& Adjustments WARNING! Before inspecting, cleaning or servicing Adjustments the tiller, shut off the engine and wait for all moving TineWidth parts to come to a complete stop. Disconnect spark plug. Failure to follow these instructions The tilling width of the unit is 22 inches. Tilling width properly can result in serious personal injury or...

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    DepthStake The depth stake acts as a brake for the tiller and controls depth and speed at which the machine will operate, Figure 6-2. Remove the clevis and cotter pins, raise or lower the depth stake, then reattach pins to secure. Figure 6-2 Off-Season Storage If the tiller will not be used fora period...

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    EngineMaintenance Periodic inspection and adjustment of the engine is essential high level performance is to be maintained. Regular maintenance any maintenance. To prevent accidental start-up, ARNING: Shut offthe engine before performing disconnect the spark plug boot. will also ensure a long service life. The required service intervals and the kind of maintenance to be performed...

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    Oil Recommendations Oil Service Check oil level regularly. NOTE:This engine is shipped without gasoline or oil in the engine. Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause Be sure correct oil level is maintained. Check every five serious engine damage and void the engine warranty.

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    Remove the thumb screw and the air cleaner cover. Remove the elements and separate them. See Fig. 10-2. muffler will be very hot. Be careful not to touch the ARNING: If the engine has been running, Replace paper element when dirty or damaged. Clean muffler.

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    FuelFilter Service Storage The fuel filter cannot be cleaned and must be replaced once a Engines stored between 30 and 90 days need to be treated with year or every 100 operating hours; more often if run with old a gasoline stabilizer and engines stored over 90 days need to be...

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    Service Loosen the lock nut shown in Fig. 7-2. Belt Replacement Your tiller has been engineered with a belt made of special Lock Nut material for longer life and better performance. Replace with a factory-approved OEM belt. See the retailer from which you purchased your tiller, an authorized...

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    Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy Engine Fails to start 1. Sparkplug wiredisconnected 1. Connectwireto spark plug 2. Fueltank emptyor stale fuel 2. Filltank with clean, freshgasoline 3. Throttlecontrollever(if equipped)notin 3. Movethrottleleverto startposition correctstartingposition 4. Chokenot in ON position 4. Moveleverto ON position 5.

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    illustratedPartsList 47 /'...

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    Handle, Frame & Wheel A ssembly Description Part Number Part Number Ref. Description Ref, I 649-04030-0638 749-04265-0638 Depth Stake Tube Upper Handle 710-0136 711-04520 Axle Shaft Hex Head Cap Screw, 1/4-20x 1.75 710-1007 649-04029-0638 Lower Handle Self Tapping Screw, 3/8-16 x 1.50 911-0415 Clevis Pin 710-04398...

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    EngineModel - 1P65LHA .144 142" 25 1 126.

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    EngineM0del - 1P65LHA R°, I R°, I Part No. Description Part No. Description 712-04212 Governor Arm Nut M6 710-04744 Self-Tapping Bolt, Hilo #12-16 X ZOO" 951-11678 Governor 931-04437 Engine Shroud 951-I0299A 710-04908 Governor Arm Bolt Recoil Starter Assembly 712-04212 Nut M6 X 10 Mm 951-11679 Governor Arm Shield...

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    EngineM0del - 1P65LHA Description Description Part Part 710-04903 951-10300 Fuel Drain Plug Fuel Cap Assembly 951-11684 Carburetor Gasket Fuel Cap 951-11527 Carburetor Insulator Sponge Insert 951-11528 Carburetor Insulator Gasket Vent Gasket 951-11520 710-05093 Carb Stud M6x92 Breather Hose Assembly 710-04982 Head Bolt M8x54 Breather Hose Clamp 951-10292...

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    EngineM0del - 1P65LltA Part No. Description Description Part 951-10298 Air Cleaner Kit 951-10846 Cylinder Head Pre-Cleaner Head Bolt M8x54 Air Filter Intake Valve Seal 951-10882 Valve Cover Gasket Air Cleaner Housing Ass'y Outer Air Filter Housing Cylinder Head Gasket 167 _ 951-11692 Inner Air Filter Housing Carburetor...

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    Engine M 0clel - 1P65LHA Part No. Description Part No. Description 951-I1689 Short Block 951-10334 Oil Fill Tube Assembly Bolt M6x14 Oil Fill Tube Breather Cover Plate Oil Fill Tube O-Ring Breather Gasket 951-10313 Valve Kit Intake Valve Upper Crankshaft Seal Mesh Screen Exhaust Valve...

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    MANUFACTURER'S LiMiTED WARRANTY The limited warranty set forth below is given by MTD LLC with c. Routine maintenance items such as lubricants, filters, blade respect to new merchandise purchased and used in the United States sharpening, tune-ups, brake adjustments, clutch adjustments, and/or its territories and possessions, and by MTD Products Limited deck adjustments, and normal deterioration of the exterior finish with respect to new merchandise purchased and used in Canadaand/...

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