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Service And Adjustments; Storage; To Adjust Blade Spring; To Adjust Blade Shoes - Craftsman 486.24443 Owner's Manual

42" snow blade
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To Adjust Blade Spring
The tension of the blade adjust spring may be altered
to permit the blade to tilt forward to bypass solid
obstructions. To change the spring tension, adjust
the nuts at upper end of the spring bolt. Standing in
front of blade, turn the nuts counterclockwise to
relieve tension and clockwise to increase tension.
Refer to figure 13 on page 8.
To Adjust Blade Shoes
The blade shoes at the ends of blade may be raised
for close work on smooth surfaces or lowered to raise
the blade to work on rough or uneven areas. Make
sure both shoes are set evenly and that the nuts are
tightened securely. See figure 22.
When Storing
the Blade
If the blade will not unlock and pivot, the angle lock
bars are not disengaging from the slots in the pivot
plate. To correct, adjust the 5/16" hex jam nuts to
draw the end of the control cable back towards the
cable mount bracket. The less the threaded end of
the cable extends through the bracket, the more
the angle lock bars can retract to disengage from
the slots in the pivot plate. See figure 23.
5/16" HEX
5/16" REX
When the snow blade is not being used, remove all
dirt and rust and touch up with paint.
Touch up bare metal with paint or apply a light coat
of grease or rust preventive.
Lubricate all pivot points and all points shown in
figure 21, page 11 in the maintenance section.
Store in a dry area, protected from weather.
To Remove Blade From Tractor
Lower the blade to the ground with the blade in the
center (straight ahead) position.
Remove the hairpin cotter which fastens the blade
pivot rod to the blade pivot shaft. See figure 18 on
page 9.
Remove the hairpin cotter which _estens the lift
handle rod to the lift link pin. See figure 15, page 9.
Remove the hairpin cotter from the channel pivot
pin and remove the pivot pin from the channel
assembly. See figure 14 on page 8.
Remove the blade, the channel assembly and the
lift handle assembly from the tractor. The brackets
assembled to the tractor frame may be left in place.
To remove the brackets assembled to the tractor
frame (hanger brackets, cross tie bracket, pivot
plate bracket and pivot support bracket) refer to
figures 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 on pages 5 and 6.
If the hanger brackets are removed from the tractor
frame, be sure to reassemble four bolts into the
empty holes in the frame. Refer to figures 1 and 3
on page 5.

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Table of Contents

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