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NEC Video Wall Mount PD02VW MFS 46 55 L Installation And Assembly Manual page 5

Full service video wall mount
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Installation to Wall Stud
• Installer must verify that the supporting surface will safely support the combined load of the equipment and all
attached hardware and components.
• Tighten wood screws so
screws, greatly reducing their holding power.
• Never tighten in excess of 80 in. • lb (9 N.M.).
• Make sure that mounting screws are anchored into the center of the stud. The use of an "edge to edge" stud fi nder
is highly recommended.
• Hardware provided is for attachment of mount through standard thickness drywall or plaster into wood studs. Install-
ers are responsible to provide hardware for other types of mounting situations (not evaluated by UL).
NOTE: Make sure that there is a minimum of 16" horizontal distance between #14 x 2.5" screws (E).
Use a stud fi nder to locate the edges of the stud. Use of an edge-to-edge stud fi nder is highly recommended.
Based on their edges, draw a vertical line down the stud center. Place pull-out mount assembly (A) on wall as
a template. Level plate, and mark the center of the four mounting holes. Make sure that the mounting holes are
on the stud center line. Drill four 5/32" (4 mm) dia. holes 2-1/2" (64 mm) deep. Make sure that the pull-out mount
assembly (A) is level, secure it using four #14 x 2.5" wood screws (E) and fender washers (G) as shown below.
that wall plate is fi rmly
attached, but do not overtighten. Overtightening can damage the
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ISSUED: 02-21-13 SHEET #: 145-9017-1



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