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Additional Safety Instructions; Safety Signal Words - Craftsman 113.239420 Owner's Manual

Shaper with steel legs and i/2h.p. motor shaper with steel legs and 3/4 h.p. motor shaper with steel legs and 1 h,p. motor


Table of Contents
Additional Safety Instructions
for Wood Shaper
Safety Signal Words
iDANGER: means if the safety information is not followed
someone will be seriously injured or killed.
means if the safety information is not fol-
lowed someone could be seriously injured or killed.
CAUTION: means if the safety information is not followed
someone might be injured.
CAUTION: Turn motor switch "OFF"
and discon-
nect Power Cord when changing Shaper cutters or
making adjustments.
Safety is a combination of operator common sense and
alertness at all times when the Wood Shaper is being
WARNING: For your own safety, do not attempt to
operate your wood shaper
until It is completely
assembled and installed according to the instruc-
tions.., and until you have read and understand the
1. General Safety Instructions for Power Tools ............. 2
2. Getting to Know your Wood Shaper ....................... 12
3. Basic Wood Shaper Operation ............................... 15
4. Maintenance ...........................................................
5. Stability of Machine
The Shaper must be bolted securely to a stand or
work bench, in addition, if there is any tendency for the
Shaper to tip over or move during certain operations, it
should be bolted to the floor.
6. Location
The Shaper should be positioned so neither the oper-
ator nor a casual observer is forced to stand in line
with the workpiece when straight line shaping.
Shaper is intended for indoor use only.
7. Protection: Eyes, Hands, Face, Ears, Body
Wear safety goggles that comply with ANSI Z87.1
1968. Wear ear plugs or muffs during extended peri-
ods of operation.
Do not wear gloves ... roll long
sleeves above the elbow.
8. Always feed against rotation of the cutter. NEVER
"back up" the workpiece.
9. Do not take deep cuts or feed the stock too rapidly.
10.Be particularly careful in shaping wood that contains
cross grains or knots, as these may cause the hands
to be thrown into the cutter or cause kickbacks.
11 .Before applying power, make sure the keyed washer
is installed immediately under the spindle nut and the
spindle nut is securely fastened, and all guards are in
the proper position.
Make sure cutters are sharp.
12.Avoid awkward hand positions, where a sudden siip
could cause a hand to move into the cutter. Never
reach in back of or around the cutter with either hand
to hold down the workpiece.
13.Accumulations of stock or of finished work should not
be allowed on the table. Never clear table while cutter
is rotating.
14.Rubbish, shavings, stock, or other objects or material
should not be allowed on the floor where they may be
a tripping hazard.
15.Use working forms, patterns or ho[ders wherever pos-
sible, and keep them maintained,
Care should be
taken that the work is securely fastened in these fix-
tures. Stock is often of such size or shape that it must
be clamped in a holder before being shaped, The
inside jaws which clamp directly against the stock
should be lined with sand paper. Guards may also be
mounted on a holder to afford additional protection.
16.When the fence is used, make sure il is securely fas-
tened and wilt not slip, and is properly adjusted.
17.Do not wear gloves, neckties, loose sleeves, or
ragged or torn clothing of any kind. Wear safety gog-
gles complying with ANSI Z87.1-1968 to protect your
eyes from dust o_'flying particles.
18. DO NOT perform layout, assembly, or set-up work on
the table while the cutting tool is rotating.
19.NEVER perform freehand shaping - Use either the
fence, or a starting pin in the table and a collar on the
spindle, or a pattern.
20.Oo not place your fingers or hands near edge of mate-
rial being cut.
21 .NEVER perform irregular shaping operations with the
cutter guard removed.
Be positive it is installed and
adjusted per instructions.
22.NEVER perform internal shaping operations on this
23.Do not use your hands to remove objects or materials
from around cutters; use a brush.
24.Do not tamper with guards nor make them inoperative
in any way.
25.ALWAYS joint or plane edge on surface of workpiece
that will be in contact with fence and/or table.
26.NEVER attempt to shape warped or twisted or bowed
27.Before leaving the machine, make sure the motor
switch is "OFF" the power cord is disconnected from
the power source, and the cutter has stopped revolv-
28.Never operate the Shaper without a protective cover
on the unused shaft end of a double ended motor.
29.1f any part of this Shaper should break, bend,or fail in
any way or any electrical component fail to perform
properly, or if any is missing, shut off power switch,
remove power supply cord from power supply and
replace damaged missing and/or failed parts before
resuming operation.
WARNING: Do not allow familiarity
frequent use of your wood shaper) to become com-
Always remember that a careless frac-
tion of a second is surf icient to Inflict severe injury.
30.Note and follow Safety instructions that appear on the
Shaper fence.


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