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Craftsman 22283A Operator's Manual page 2

Mobile base with caster set


The purposeof safetysymbois is to attractyourattentionto possibiedangers. T he safetysymbois, a nd the
expianafions withthem, d eserve yourcarefui a ttention a ndunderstanding. Thesafety warnings d onotbythemseives
eliminate anydanger. T he instructions o r warnings theygiveare not substitutes f or properaccident p revention
DANGER: h dbatesan imminentiy h azardous s ituation, w hich,if notavoided, w Hi r esuitin deathor
WARNING: Undbates a potentialiy h azardous s ituation, which,if notavoided, c ouidresuitin deathor
serious injury.
CAUTION: I ndicates a potentially h azardous s ituation, w hich,if not avoided, m ayresultin minoror
moderate i njury. I t mayalsobeusedtoalertagainst u nsafe practices t hatmaycause property d amage.
mmportant: Advises y ouofimportant information o rinstructions vitaltotheoperation o r maintenance of
Note:Advises y ouofadditional information concerning t heoperation o rmaintenance oftheequipment.
WARNmNG: Read and understand
aH instructions.
Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may
result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal
[] Know your power tool Read the operator's manuai for
your Table Saw or Radial Arm Saw carefully. Learn the
saw's applications and limitations as well as the specific
potential hazards related to this tool.
For Mobile
[] Never install mobile base with saw mounted to leg
[] Be careful when moving to avoid any finger pinch
[] Remove the dust bag before moving the tool or when
placing the leg stand on the mobile base.
[] Place base on a level surface and adjust leveling feet
before placing your saw in position. This should keep
saw from rocking, while testing it for stability.
[] Test for stability in both the up (on the caster) and the
down positions. Exercise caution when testing the
stability of top heavy machines such as your saw.
[] Never lift the saw onto the leg stand without help.
[] Unplug your saw before moving or repositioning your
[] Always test your setup for stability and safety after
repositioning and before plugging the saw into an outlet.
[] Care should be taken when planning the orientation of
your saw onto the mobile base. Transfer of weight off of
the leveling feet to the caster will result in the saw tilting
1/2 in. toward the fixed wheels. When repositioning top
heavy tools such as your saw, take advantage of the
center of gravity, and position so that it will remain
stable while on caster.
[] Never use your saw while it is suspended on the swivel
caster. Always lower saw onto the nonskid leveling feet
before operating.
[] When moving, always push the leg stand, not the saw.
[] Think Safety. Safety is a combination of operator
awareness, common sense and alertness at aii times.
Save these instructions.
Refer to them frequently and
use them to instruct others who may use this tool If you
loan someone this tool, loan them these instructions also.
Secure leg stand to mobile base before
moving the tool. Failure to secure the leg stand could
cause the saw to fall resulting in serious personal
[] Measure the leg stand from the leveling foot hobs at
one side to the leveling foot hobs on the other side.
This measurement is needed to determine which hobs
in the lower support bracket and wheel support bracket
are to be used when assembling the mobile base. The
hobs must align properly for the leg stand and mobile
base to be secured.
Do not engage or disengage the
release lever while the support brace is still attached
to the leg stand and never use your hand to operate
the release lever. Failure to heed this warning
result in serious personal injury.
[] Unpack and identify all components and hardware
before attempting to assemble this unit.