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Replacing Belts - Craftsman 351.224360 Operator's Manual

16" tilting arm scroll saw with dust collection
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If power cord is worn or cut in any way, have it
Replace any damaged or missing part.
Use parts list to order parts.
Refer to Figures 17, 18 and 19..
Remove screw, washer and speed control knob
(Fig. 18, Key Nos. 1, 2 and 3).
Remove three bolts from front panel (Fig. 18, Key
Nos. 4 and 6).
Carefully pull front panel out and slide dust boot
OFF switch (Fig. 18, Key Nos. 5 and 7). Disconnect
wires from switch.
Remove two screws (Fig. 19, Key No. 20) from the
base. Tip the saw on its side.
Remove two bolts (Fig. 18, Key No. 33). Remove the
foot and bottom cover (Fig. 18, Key Nos. 31 and 32).
The fan belt (Fig. 18, Key No. 30) can be removed
and replaced at this time.
To replace the other belts, continue and remove the
pulley assembly from the base.
Loosen two bolts and remove the blower assembly
(Fig. 18, Key Nos. 12 and 17). Remove flexible tube
(Fig. 18, Key No. 22) from blower assembly.
Loosen two bolts and remove motor assembly
(Fig. 18, Key Nos. 23-29).
Loosen set screw in shaft coupler (Fig. 19, Key Nos.
21 and 22).
Remove four bolts and vari-speed pulley assembly
(Fig. 18, Key Nos. 12 and 15).
Mark teeth of gears so that they may be assembled
in same position as when removed (Fig. 17, Ref. C
and D).
Remove screw, spacer and gear (Fig. 17, Ref. A, B
and C).
Loosen set screw and remove gear (Fig. 17, Ref. D).
Loosen and remove two bolts and fork assembly
(Fig. 17, Ref. E and F).
Remove bearing plate and bushing (Fig. 17, Ref. G
and H).
Loosen and remove four bolts and front plate (Fig.
17, Ref. I and J). Be careful to not change position of
Motor drive belt can be removed and replaced at this
Remove snap ring (Fig. 17, Ref. K) and slide pulleys
from shaft.
Pulleys are under spring tension.
Remove and replace vari-speed belt.
Reassemble in reverse order.
17 - Disassembling
the Vari-speed



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