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Epson T502201 Material Safety Data Sheet page 3

Ink cartridge for use with epson stylus pro 10000 and 10600 printer
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Oxidizing properties:
Vapor density:
Relative density:
Solubility in water:
Solubility in fat:
Partition coefficient:
10. Stability and Reactivity
Hazardous polymerization:
Hazardous decomposition products: None
Incompatible materials:
11. Toxicology and Health Hazards
Routes Of Overexposure: Eye, skin, inhalation, and oral
Acute Health Hazards:
• Overexposure of eye surface to ink may be mildly irritating
• Overexposure of skin to ink contact may cause irritation and in some people swelling and redness
• Intentional inhalation overexposure to ink vapors may result in respiratory tract irritation
• Intentional or accidental oral ingestion may cause an upset stomach
Chronic Health Hazards: None known
Toxicity Data:
12. Ecological Information
No data available on the adverse effects of this material on the environment
13. Disposal Considerations
Used and unused cartridges are not a federal RCRA hazardous waste. Disposal should be in accordance with federal,
state, and local requirements.
14. Transportation Information
Not regulated as a Hazardous Material by DOT, IMO, or IATA
15. Regulatory Considerations
U.S. DOT Hazard Class Regulated?
U.S. OSHA Inhalation Hazard?
In U.S., NFPA/HMIS Hazard Rating:
MSDS # T502201
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Greater than 1 (air = 1)
1.07 at 68 deg. F / 20 deg. C
No data available
No data available
Less than 5 mPa-s
Will not occur
Oxidizers and explosives
None known
Oral LD50
> 2000mg/kg(Rats)
Health (1), Flammability (1), Instability/Reactivity (0), Other (0)
Dermal LD50
Inhalant LC50
OSHA Regulated?
Not Applicable
Not Established
Release Date 06/2010
Version 3.54 (USA)



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