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Index - Dell B2360D User Manual

Laser printer.
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accessing Status Monitor Center 97
accessing the controller board 14
Active NIC menu 63
adjusting Sleep mode 84
adjusting toner darkness 50
AppleTalk menu 67
assigning custom paper types 41
attaching cables 20
available internal options 14
avoiding jams 46
avoiding paper jams 102
Bin full. Remove paper. 113
Ethernet 20
parallel 20
USB 20
print job, from computer 52
canceling a print job
from a computer 52
from the printer control panel 51
Cannot collate large document
[37] 113
Cannot defrag flash memory
[37] 113
cannot open Embedded Web
Server 149
card stock
loading, multipurpose feeder 36
tips 44
Cartridge low [88.xy] 114
Cartridge nearly low [88.xy] 113
Cartridge very low, [x] estimated
pages remain [88.xy] 114
Cartridge, imaging unit mismatch
[41.xy]] 113
Change [paper source] to [custom
string]. Load [orientation]. 114
Change [paper source] to [custom
type name]. Load [orientation]. 114
Change [paper source] to [paper
size]. Load [orientation]. 114
Change [paper source] to [paper
type] [paper size]. Load
[orientation]. 114
checking an unresponsive
printer 122
checking the status of parts and
supplies 89
checking the virtual display
using the Embedded Web
Server 97
exterior of the printer 89
cleaning the printer 89
Close front door 115
Complex page may misprint
[39] 118
confidential data
information on securing 88
confidential jobs
modifying print settings 99
configuration information
wireless network 25
printer 9
Configure MP menu 57
multiple printers 99
supply notifications, imaging
unit 98
supply notifications, toner
cartridge 98
configuring custom paper types 40
configuring supply notifications 98
connecting to a wireless network
using Personal Identification
Number (PIN) method 26
using Push Button Configuration
(PBC) method 26
using the Embedded Web
Server 28
conservation settings
Eco‑Mode 83
Hibernate mode 84
Hibernate Timeout 85
Schedule Power Modes 86
Sleep mode 84
conserving supplies 83
contacting technical support 150
control panel, printer
buttons 11
indicator light 11, 12
Sleep button light 12
using 11
controller board
accessing 14
creating the printer control panel
PIN 100
Custom Name [x] name
configuring 40
custom paper type
assigning 41
configuring 40
custom paper type name
configuring 40
Custom Types menu 61
Default Source menu 53
Defective flash memory [51] 115
display troubleshooting
printer display is blank 123
documents, printing
from Macintosh 50
from Windows 50
Eco‑Mode setting 83
Embedded Web Server
accessing 12
copying settings to other
printers 99
functions 12
modifying confidential print
settings 99
problem accessing 149
using 12
Embedded Web Server
Administrator's Guide
where to find 88
loading, multipurpose feeder 36
tips on using 45
environmental settings 83
Eco‑Mode 83
Hibernate mode 84
Hibernate Timeout 85


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