Preventative Maintenance; Replacement Of Parts - DeVilbiss JGA Operation Manual

Suction feed spraygun
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1. Turn off air and relieve pressure
in the supply lines, or if using QD
system, disconnect from airline.
2. Release Cup and raise the tube
out of the material. Trigger the
Gun and allow material to drain
back into the cup.
3. Dispose of the surplus material
and clean the cup.
4. Remove air cap (1) and clean. If
any of the holes in the cap are
blocked with coating material use
a toothpick to clean. Never use
Nozzle (2) and Needle (7) –
Remove parts in the following order:
10, 8, 7, 1 and 2. Replace any worn
or damaged parts and re-assemble
in reverse order. Recommended
tightening torque for nozzle (2) 17-
20 Nm (150-180 lbf in)
Packing – Remove parts 10, 8, 7.
Unscrew cartridge (4). Fit new
cartridge finger tight. Re-assemble
parts 7, 8, and 10 and tighten
cartridge (4) with spanner sufficient
to seal but to allow free movement
of needle. Lubricate with gun oil.
Cleaning Brush – order 4900-5-1-K3
Service Kit – order KK-4502 add nozzle size as required-
(i.e. KK-4502-FF-H)
Seal Kit - order KK-4558. Contains 3a, 4, 29, 30, 32
Pressure gauge Attachment – order GA-515
Gun Mounted Regulator – order DVR-501
Lubricant - order GL-1-K10

Preventative Maintenance

Replacement of Parts

metal wire which could damage
the cap and produce distorted
spray patterns
5. Ensure the tip of the nozzle (2) is
clean and free from damage.
Build up of dried paint can distort
the spray pattern.
6. Lubrication – stud/screw (6),
needle (7) and air valve (11)
should be oiled each day.
Air valve (11) – Remove Trigger,
parts 6 and 12. Unscrew valve
spring to valve head before fitting
Spreader valve (5) – Caution:
always ensure that the valve is in
the fully open position by turning
screw fully counter-clockwise before
fitting to body.
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