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Wall Mounting - Panasonic KX-NT303 Quick Reference Manual

Digital proprietary telephone
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Wall Mounting

1. Remove the wall mounting
adaptor from the unit as shown.
2. Set the operation board to level 1,
then connect and secure the
telephone line cords.
• The cords can also be run from
the top of the unit (page 13).
3. Attach the wall mounting
adaptor as shown.
• Make sure the cords are not
pinched by the wall mounting
adaptor. When running the cords
from the top of the unit, look
through the opening in the wall
mounting adaptor
confirm that the cords are not
being pinched.
4. Drive the 2 screws (included)
into the wall either 83 mm or
100 mm apart, and mount the
unit on the wall.
• You can find a wall mounting
template on page 23.
• Make sure that the wall that the
unit will be attached to is strong
enough to support the unit
(approx. 1.65 kg).
• Make sure the cords are
securely fastened to the wall.
• When this unit is no longer in
use, make sure to detach it from
the wall.
• For information on locking the handset hook, refer to page 12.
Wall Mounting
83 mm
100 mm
Drive the screw
to this point.
Slide the wall
mounting adaptor
up to this point.

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