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Electrolux EW30IC60LB Product Specifications page 3

Product specifications sheet (english)
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Electric Cooktop Installation
Over 30"/27" Electric Single Wall Oven
30" & 27" Electric Single Wall Ovens
Under-Counter Installation Specifications
Product Weights – (EW30EW55G, EI30EW35J and EI30EW35K) 200 Lbs. /
(EW27EW55G, EI27EW35J and EI27EW35K) 150 Lbs.
Single phase 3- or 4-wire cable, 120 / 240 or 120 / 208 Volt, 60 Hertz
AC only electrical supply with ground required on separate circuit fused
on both sides of line.
Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 204 / 208 Volts =
(EW30EW55G) 4.0 / 3.0 kW / (EW27EW55G) 3.4 / 2.6 kW /
(EI30EW35J/EI30EW35K) 4.2 / 3.2 kW /
(EI27EW35J/EI27EW35K) 3.6 / 2.7 kW
Amps @ 240 / 208 Volts =
(EW30EW55G) 16.7 / 14.4 kW / (EW27EW55G) 14.2 / 12.5 kW /
(EI30EW35J/EI30EW35K) 17.5 / 15.4 kW /
(EI27EW35J/EI27EW35K) 15.0 / 13.0 kW
Recommended Circuit Breaker – 20 Amps
Always consult local and national electric codes.
Minimum 21" clearance for oven door depth when open.
Minimum 23-1/2" deep cutout dimension is critical for proper installation,
to ensure that oven's faceplate will fit flush against cabinet front.
Full oven base of solid plywood or similar material required, capable
of supporting 200 Lbs. (30" models) or 150 Lbs. (27" models). Install
over two runners and flush with toe plate.
Base must be level and cabinet front must be square.
Allow 5" maximum height from oven base to floor, if NO cooktop is
installed directly over wall oven.
Electrolux Major Appliances, N.A.
10200 David Taylor Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
5855 Terry Fox Way
Mississauga, ON L5V 3E4
1-877 -4electrolux (1-877 -435-3287)
© 2012 Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
Electric Cooktop Installation Over
30" / 27" Electric Single Wall Oven Specifications
Electrolux Single Wall Oven models EW30EW55G, EI30EW35J,
EI30EW35K, EW27EW55G, EI27EW35J and EI27EW35K are approved
to be used beneath Electrolux cooktop models EW36EC55G,
EW30EC55G, EW36IC60L, EW30IC60L, EW36CC55G, EW30CC55G,
EI36EC45K and EI30EC45K.
For detailed Electric Cooktop installation, refer to model-specific product
page and installation guide on web.
Side filler panels necessary to isolate oven from adjoining cabinets.
Panel height may need to be modified to accommodate the depth of
approved electric cooktop models.
To route armored cable to junction box, cut minimum 4" x 4" opening
in right cabinet side panel.
Allow 4-1/2" maximum height from oven base to floor, if cooktop is
installed directly over wall oven.
Note: For planning purposes only. Refer to Product Installation Guide
on the web at for detailed instructions.
High standards of quality at Electrolux Home Products, Inc. mean
we are constantly working to improve our products. We reserve the right
to change specifications or discontinue models without notice.



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