Smarthome POWERHOUSE PS561 Owner's Manual

Supervised wireless security console ps561.
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and accessories (sold separately)
Remote Control
PS561 Security Console
PH508 Remote Siren
SP554 Motion Detector
LM465 Lamp Module


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  • Page 1

    *p()WE’HO~I’E ‘y PS561 OWNER’S MANUAL SUPERVISED WIRELESS SECURITY CONSOLE and accessories (sold separately) SH624 Remote Control HT544 Remote Control PS561 Security Console ORAY, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200 KF574 Keychain Remote [-lo) DW534 Door/Window Sensor PH508 Remote Siren...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This is X-10 POWERHOUSE Care and Maintenance Lamp Modules Wall Switch Modules Replacing Batteries Setting up Remote Siren Remote Controls Setting up Telephone Dialer Door/Window Sensor Phone Numbers Motion Detector Voice Message Console Troubleshooting, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 3

    Note: The suitability of this product to per-, Inc. (800) form as a burglar alarm system or as an SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200 emergency service device has not been

  • Page 4: Introduction

    (in your voice). The person make the home look lived-in while no- called can then listen in to your home body is at home. to determine the nature of the prob- lem., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 5: Installing The System, Locating The Console, Setting Up The Console

    ‘beeper.”, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 6: Setting Up Remote Controls, Ht544 Remote Control

    KF574 or SH624) up to a total of eight Remote Controls. For example: you could install two HT544s. two SH624s and four KF574s. or any other combi- nation up to a total of eight Remote Controls. nonrto Contrrl HT544, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 7

    KF574 or SH624) up to a total of eight Remote Controls. For example: you could install two HT544s, two SH624s and four KF574s, or any other combi- nation up to a total of eight Remote Controls., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 8

    Motion Detectors (SP544) up to a total of sixteen zones. For example: you could install twelve DW534s , and four SP544s, or any other combination up to a total of sixteen zones., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 9

    3/16" apart. On wooden Then slide the sensor surfaces they can be up to 3/8” onto the cover. apart., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 10

    NOT line up, as shown in the diagram not trip if someone cuts the wire be- to the right. tween the switch and the sensor., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 11

    15 seconds). Arm system, walk past SP554A: alarm trips. Press [DISARM] on Remote. Home/ Home/ Away Away 0 Slide battery compartment down to open, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 12: Motion Detector Placement

    SP554A Motion Detector near a heating or air For best coverage it should be placed conditioning vent. so that an intruder walks across its path rather than towards it., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 13: Kf574 Remote Control, Sh624 Remote Control, Setting Up Remote Modules, Lamp Modules, Wall Switch Modules

    Code dials on the Lamp Module to the Set the House and Unit Code on the same letter and number as you set on Wall Switch Module to the same letter the Console. and number as the Console. \, .a’, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 14

    In both cases the will POWERHORN after about 5 ON-OFF sequences trip and will alter its tone for each ON and OFF code. The siren will shut off about 10 seconds after the last key press., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 15: Phone Numbers, Voice Message

    (it sounds better over the phone line). If you want to hear the message again, set the Console to INSTALL then back to RUN. PROG Repeat l-6 to change the message., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 16: Using The System, Arming And Disarming, Instant Mode

    Switch Modules to the same (set arm the system, and later close the Housecode as the Console) flash on window, that zone will now be armed. and off, and the dialer dials out., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 17

    MAX, SP544s (not SP554As) and the alarm trips instantly even if the DW534s set to MAX will have a 1 system is armed for delayed alarm. minute exit and a 30 sec. entry delay., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 18: Sounding The Panic Alarm, Trouble Alarm, After An Alarm

    Ignore the problem - While the trouble alarm is sounding, press [BYPASS]. The indicator(s) for the problem zone(s) flash rapidly. Press [ARM] to arm the system. The problem zone(s) is/are not be protected but all other zones arm., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 19: Testing The Dialer

    Console starts to play its message so if touch-tone “beeper.” the person it calls doesn’t answer quickly, they may miss the first part of the message. However, the Console plays the message 3 times so the per-, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 20: Turning Lights On And Off

    Console - it's ready to use. Dims and brightens lights RT504 SH624 Press to turn modules ON and OFF. Then press to dim or brighten light. Select to control modules set to Unit Codes l-8 or 9-16., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 21

    Has Panic feature. Works in INSTANT ARM mode only. POWERHORN” Power Line Siren (PH508) Responds to signals from the Console, over house wiring. Gives a 110 deci- bel siren at a remote location., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 22

    Remote Controlled Chime (SC546) Works with the PR511 to give a pleas- ant chime when someone approaches your home. Also works with other X- 10 controllers., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 23

    On button and dims lights too! Mini Controller (MC460) Compact unit allows you to control up to eight modules from anywhere in the house. Has All Lights On button and dims lights too!, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 24

    Appliance Module (AM486, 2 pin) (AM466, 3 pin grounded) For turning on an air conditioner, tele- vision, stereo, and so on. Rated at 15A resistive (for coffee pots etc.), l/3 HP for motors, 500W for lamps., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 25

    Also contains a beeper to use as an annun- ciator. Works with X-10 Controllers and Timers (not BR521, ND651, BC531, and PS561)., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 26: Care And Maintenance

    Extreme temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and distort or melt plastic parts. Modifying or tampering with your security system’s internal components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate its warranty., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 27: Replacing Batteries, Remote Controls, Door/window Sensor

    Just set its Housecode dial (instead of the same zone as it was). to match the Console and it’s ready to use. To avoid this, remove the old battery and wait at least 4 hours before install-, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 28: Motion Detector, Console

    Console to INSTALL. 2. Press [TEST] on the Motion Detec- tor. The Motion Detector transmits a code to the Console. The Console acknowledges this with a beep and logs in the code., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    MIN/MAX switch on the Remote above) and then later close the win- Control to MAX (HT544 and SH624 dow, that zone will now arm and its only) and then, press [ARM]. indicator will stop flashing., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 30

    [TEST] on the which were on at the time of the Door/Window Sensor. alarm, turn off from the All Units Off code, and stay off. If the alarm does not trip when you, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 31

    AGAIN into the next zone. tery. Press [CODE] then press [ARM] again., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 32

    All brands of motion detectors Console appears to be locked-up sense motion by detecting a change you might have just tested the sys- in temperature, therefore do not tem. When the Console dials out,, Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

  • Page 33

    If the intercom system has its own separate wiring it will not cause a problem., Inc. (800) SMART-HOME (949) 221-9200

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