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5. Mounting the antenna

5.1. Procedure for selecting the installation location

The best reception is achieved when the antenna is installed in the open air.
This however, means that there is a possible danger of lightning striking. Therefore the location selection criteria
in chapter 3.4 are of utmost importance!
Concerning the best performance for signal reception, the following points should be taken into account when
selecting a suitable location:
The antenna should "see" as much sky as possible, i.e. it should not be overshadowed by large buildings, or
stand underneath parts of buildings etc. A preferred location for the antenna for example, would be on a flat
Preferred locations inside a building are underneath (extensively) glazed facade or under glass domes.

5.2. Mounting procedures

The following illustrations show the assembly of the antenna for wall or flat roof mounting.
Due to weakening the roof sealing, wall mounting is prefered to flat roof mounting.

Fig 9: Flat roof installation

1 - Antenna head
2 - Cube with 6 hexagon socket set screws
3 - Allan key for cube installation
4 - Sealing cover
5 - Antenna stand with base plate and holding arm
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User Manual SICLOCK GPS1000
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