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Remote Control Handset; Inserting Batteries; Switching The Tv On/Off; To Switch The Tv On - Hitachi L42VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

42” lcd colour television
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Remote Control Handset

Inserting Batteries

Remove the battery cover located on the back of
the handset by gently pulling backwards from the
indicated part.
Insert two
AAA/R3 or equivalent type batteries
inside. Insert two AAA/R3 or equivalent type
batteries inside. Observe the correct polarity (+/-)
when inserting batteries and replace the battery
Note: Remove the battery from remote control
handset when it is not to be used for a long period.
Otherwise it can be damaged due to any leakage of
batteries. Remote range is approximately 7m/23ft.

Switching the TV On/Off

To Switch the TV On

Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC 50 Hz.
Switch the "
" button to position "|" so the TV
will switch to standby mode. Then the standby LED
lights up.
To switch on the TV from standby mode either:
Press the "
" button, P+ / P- or a numeric button
on the remote control.
Press the "
" or +/- button on the TV.
The TV will then switch on.
Note: If you switch on your TV via PROGRAMME
UP/DOWN buttons on the remote control or on the
TV set, the programme that you were watching last
will be reselected.
By either method the TV will switch on.

To Switch the TV Off

Switch the "
" button to position 2 as illustrated,
so the TV will switch OFF.
• To power down the TV completely, unplug the
power cord from the mains socket.
Note: When the TV is switched to standby mode,
standby LED can blink to indicate that features such
as Standby Search, Over Air Download or Timer is

Digital Teletext (** for UK only)

• Press the "
The digital teletext information appears.
Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor buttons
and OK button.
The operation method may differ depending on the
contents of the digital teletext.
Follow the instructions displayed on digital teletext
When Press "
on the screen, press the OK button.
When the "
television broadcasting.
With digital broadcasting (DVB), in addition to digital
teletext broadcasting together with the normal
broadcasting, there are also channels with just digital
teletext broadcasting.
The aspect ratio (picture shape) when watching
a channel with just digital teletext broadcasting is
the same as the aspect ratio of the picture viewed
When you press the "
teletext screen will be displayed.

Analogue Teletext

Use of teletext and its functions are identical to
the analogue text system. Please do refer to the
"TELETEXT" explanations.

Input Selection

Once you have connected external systems to
your TV, you can switch to different input sources.
Press "SOURCE" button on your remote control
consecutively for directly changing sources.
You can operate your TV using both the remote control
and onset buttons.
English - 13 -
" button.
OK" button or similar message appears
" button is pressed, the TV returns to
" button again, the digital

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