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Emerson BO60 Owner's Manual page 2

Emerson electric wine bottle opener owner's manual


WARNING. When using this electrical appliance the
following safety precautions should be taken to reduce
the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury.
Read all the instructions before use and save them for future
When using or recharging the corkscrew keep your work surface
clean and free from potential hazards.
Never use the corkscrew in damp areas or near water, sinks or
Never submerge the corkscrew or charger.
For indoor use only. Do not expose the corkscrew or charging unit
to rain or other extreme conditions.
Never force the corkscrew onto a bottle or attempt to speed up the
mechanism. The corkscrew will work best when it is operated at its
intended speed.
Do not touch or adjust the corkscrew's mechanism or the corkscrew
spiral. Only hold the corkscrew by the plastic housing.
Do not attempt to open bottles if the switch is not working correctly.
Keep away from children. This is not a toy.
Do not attempt to open the corkscrew or the recharging unit. It has
no serviceable parts. In event of malfunction in this time please
contact our customer services department .
Do not attempt to operate if the corkscrew, cord, plug or recharging
unit is damaged, dropped or malfunctions.
Only recharge the corkscrew using the recharging unit and power
cord supplied.
Never remove the plug from the socket by pulling the power cord.