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Automatic Download (Automatic Upgrade); Search For New Version (Manual Upgrade)18; Parental Settings; Timers - Hitachi L32H01U Instructions For Use Manual

Digital lcd colour television
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There are two possibilities for Receiver software to
be upgraded: automatic and manual.
Audio Language
Favourite Mode
EPG Preference
Receiver Upgrade

Parental Settings

Automatic Download
Search for New Version

Automatic Download (Automatic upgrade)

Automatic Download can be enabled or disabled
by pressing /
button. If it is enabled, then there are
two ways for automatic upgrade. The first one is
checking the existence of a new software every time
the IDTV goes to standby. The second one is waking
up at 03:00 a.m. every night, provided that the IDTV is
left in standby mode. Both automatic upgrade meth-
ods result in standby mode either upgraded or not.
If the automatic upgrade is set to "Disabled" then this
function will not work.
Search For New Version (Manual upgrade)
Manual upgrade starts if the "Search for New Ver-
sion" item is highlighted by using
activated via pressing the OK button.
After "Search for New Version" is activated, the
IDTV tunes to each frequency that have been stored
in its database and looks for the new software.
Software Upgrade
Searching for upgrade. Please wait, or
press MENU to cancel.
Search Progress:
Parental Settings
Some channels broadcast material which you do not
want younger members of the family to watch. Any
channel can be 'locked' so that it cannot be selected
for viewing without first a four-digit PIN code being
entered. In this way any channel not suitable for
younger viewers can be protected.
This function enables or disables the menu protection
system and allows the PIN code to be changed.
button to go to Parental Settings option.
Press the OK button to enter Parental Settings Menu.
A box asking for the lock key is displayed.
There is only one key which is set to "0000" initially.
Enter lock key. If wrong Lock key is entered, the fol-
lowing message is displayed on the screen and it is
returned back.
If it is correct, the Parental Settings Menu including
following items is displayed:
There you can set/reset locking for the Main Menu, or
the Installation Menu to restrict access. If the menu
lock is disabled, there will be free access to the menu
system. Also in this menu you can change the lock
key and set/change parental lock mode.
Disabled: All menus are unlocked.
Main Menu: Main menu is accessible only with the
correct lock key. So the user cannot add, delete, re-
name, move channels, cannot set timers.
Installation: Installation menu is locked, so the user
cannot add channels.
Changes will be updated after exiting Configuration
button and


You can set a timer to switch the TV to any channel
without your intervention. This is also for making video
recordings of programmes when you are out.
Display the Main Menu by pressing the
Highlight the Timers line by pressing
and press the OK button to display the Timer menu.
- 18 -
Enter Lock Key
Wrong Lock Key
Menu Lock
Set Lock Key
Main Menu
Channel List
TV Setup
Common Interface


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