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Connect Peripheral Equipment; High Definition; Via The Scart; Via Aerial Input - Hitachi 32LD8A20 A Instructions For Use Manual

Lcd colour television
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Connect Peripheral Equipment

High Definition

Your LCD Television is capable of displaying High
Definition pictures from devices such as a High Defi-
nition Satellite Receiver or DVD Player. These devices
must be connected via the HDMI socket or Compo-
nent Socket. These sockets can accept either 720p
or 1080i signals.
Note: When it is desired to watch HDMI source with
a DVI to HDMI cable; in order to enable audio,
Audio Input (which is located at the left side of
the antenna input) is to be used to get DVI
device's audio signals.

Via the Scart

The TV has 2 Scart sockets. If you want to connect
peripherals (e.g. video, decoder, etc.) which have
Scart sockets to the TV, you can use SCART socket
of the TV.
Note: If an external device is connected via the Scart
sockets, the TV will automatically switch to AV
mode. If both sockets are employed at the sime
time, SCART 1 becomes the preferential.

Via Aerial Input

If the device you want to connect does not have a
Scart socket, you should connect it to the Aerial input
of the TV.
If the VCR is connected via Aerial input, it is
suggested to use Programme 0.


If you are subscribed to cable TV offers, the
organisation will supply you a corresponding decoder
unit to allow the programmes to be unscrambled.
For further information consult your dealer.
Connect a decoder with an aerial socket to
the TV
• Connect the aerial cable.
Connect a decoder without an aerial socket
to the TV
• Connect the decoder to the EXTERNAL socket of
TV with a RCA cable. Through the SCART/RCA
socket of the decoder, you may attain a better dis-
play resolution.

TV and Video Recorder

• Connect the aerial cables.
Better picture quality can be obtained if you also con-
nect a Scart cable to SCART sockets.

Playback NTSC

• Connect NTSC VCR player to a Scart socket of the
Then, press the "AV" button to select EXT1 or EXT2.

Copy Facility

Source selection for VCR recording.
• Select Feature menu.
• Select SCART 2 Out by pressing
• For copying the picture that comes from the tuner,
select SCART 1.

Camera And Camcorder

To Connect To AV Input

Connect your camera or camcorder to AV input of the
• Connect your equipment to the TV via VIDEO (yel-
low), AUDIO R (red) and AUDIO L (white) inputs.
You must connect the jacks into the input with the
same colour.

To Connect To S-VHS Input

Connect your camera or camcorder S-VHS input of
the TV.
• Connect your equipment to the TV via S-VHS input
and audio inputs of AV inputs by using S-VHS
Connect the Decoder to the Video
Some video recorders have a special Scart socket
for decoder.
• Connect a Scart cable to the Scart socket of your
decoder and to the special Scart socket of your
video recorder. Refer to the booklet of your video

Connecting Headphones (optional)

Use the stereo headphone socket of the TV, to con-
nect headphones.
Note: If you want to connect more equipment to your
TV, consult your dealer.)

Connecting Subwoofer

Use Subwoofer Out socket to connect an external,
active subwoofer to the set to give a much deeper
bass effect.

Audio Lineout

To connect the external speakers to your TV, use the
Headphone Line Out of the TV. Additionally, turn "Line
out" setting on in the "Sound Menu".
Note: While watching PC or YPbPr sources, Lineout
selection could only be the current source.
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