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Switching The Tv On/Off; Navigating The Menu System; Initial Settings; Basic Operations - Hitachi 32LD8A20 A Instructions For Use Manual

Lcd colour television
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Switching the TV ON/OFF

To switch the TV on
Your TV will switch on in two steps:
1- Connect the power supply cord to the system.
Press Power On/Off button.Then the TV switches
itself to stand-by mode (Optional).
2- To switch on the TV from stand-by mode either:
Press a digit button on the remote control so that a
programme number is selected, or Press the "-P/CH"
or "P/CH+" button on the TV or press the "P-" or "P+"
button on the remote control, so that last mode
switched off is selected.
By either method the TV will switch on.
To switch the TV off
• Press the "
(stand-by)" button on the remote con-
trol or On/Off switch on the TV, so the TV will switch
to stand-by mode.
To power down the TV completely, press Power On/
Off button or unplug the power cord from the mains

Navigating the Menu System

For displaying
menu options
1- Press M to display the menu.
2- Press "
" or "
" button to select an icon. Press
" " for more options.
3- Use "
" or "
" button to highlight.
4- Press " " or " " buttons to change the settings.
Press OK to set as default.
5- To exit the menu or return from sub-menu screen,
press M.
These explanations are available for the navigation
of the whole Menu System. To select options that are
explained in the following parts, refer to "Navigating
The Menu System".
For navigation
To confirm choices

Initial Settings

When the TV is turned on for the first time, Auto
Programme menu will be displayed on the screen
Because this is the first time the TV is used, there are no
channels stored in the memory and the following message
appears on the screen.
TXT Language
By pressing
and press
button to set "Language". Use
tons to select "TXT Language" and set it by using
buttons. Press "OK" button to continue:
For more information on this process, see "Install
Menu" section.

Basic Operations

You can operate your TV using both the remote
control and onset buttons.
Operation with the buttons on the TV

Volume Setting

• Press "
button to increase volume, so a volume level scale
(slider) will be displayed at the middle of the bottom
on the screen.

Programme Selection

• Press "P/CH +" button to select the next programme
or "P/CH -" button to select the previous programme.

Entering Main Menu

• Press the "MENU" button to enter Main menu. In the
Main menu select sub-menu using "P/CH -" or
"P/CH +" buttons and enter the sub-menu using
-" or "
menus, refer to the Menu System sections.
English - 9 -
Auto Program
button, adjust the Country item
to highlight "Language" item. Use
-" button to decrease volume or "
+" buttons. To learn the usage of the