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Maxtor Corporation

Maxtor Corporation has been providing high-quality computer storage products since 1982. Along the way,
we've seen many changes in data storage needs. Not long ago, only a handful of specific users needed more than
a couple hundred megabytes of storage. Today, downloading from the Internet and CD-ROMs, multimedia,
networking and advanced office applications are driving storage needs even higher. Even home PC applications
need capacities measured in gigabytes, not megabytes.


Maxtor's products meet those demanding storage capacity requirements with room to spare. They feature
proven compatibility and reliability. While DiamondMax
performance 5,400 RPM desktop hard drives, DiamondMax
capacity and performance for demanding desktop and workstation applications.


No matter which capacity, all Maxtor hard drives are supported by our commitment to total customer
satisfaction and our No Quibble
( – puts you in touch with either technical support or customer service. We'll
provide you the information you need quickly, accurately and in the form you prefer – a fax, a downloaded
file or a conversation with a representative.

Manual Organization

This hard disk drive reference manual is organized in the following method:
Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Description
Section 3 – Specifications
Section 4 – Installation
Section 5 – AT Interface
Section 6 – Host Software Interface
Section 7 – Interface Commands
Section 8 – Service and Support
Appendix – Glossary


Service guarantee. One call – or a visit to our home page on the Internet
VL 20 is the latest addition to our family of high
40 series hard drives deliver industry-leading
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents