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HP LaserJet Quick Reference Service Manual Page 223

Volume i.
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Affected Part Number:
Part Required:
MP tray
The current MP tray experienced a higher than acceptable
level of failures from the tray failing to lift. This can be an intermittent
failure. The failure occurs when the actuating solenoid fails to engage
the tray-lifting mechanism. The feed roller engages to drive the paper,
but the paper tray is never lifted. The printer will attempt to raise the tray
twice before posting an error. The majority of the time the printer will
post a 13.2 paper jam error, which can be cleared by opening and
closing the printer door. Sometimes the printer will report a 58.3 error,
which requires that the printer be power-cycled. However, if the printer
has a formatter with version 8.6 or older firmware, the 58.3 error
message will disappear within 5 seconds, leaving the previous
message that occurred in the display. The printer is now in a state
requiring that it be power cycled, but nothing is indicated on the control
panel. With version 9.1 firmware, the 58.3 error message will remain on
the display, stating that the printer be power cycled. In all cases, the
error will be logged and can be viewed by printing the error logs.
Although there may be many causes for a 13.2 paper jam error, only an
MP tray failure will cause a 58.3 error.
The MP tray has been modified with a more powerful
solenoid and a metal sleeve designed to reduce friction.
Replace a failing MP tray with a new one. The failure can be
confirmed by observing the tray not lifting when the feed roller is in
operation or by 58.3 Errors in the error logs.
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