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HP LaserJet Quick Reference Service Manual Page 211

Volume i.
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Print Quality Defect: Smeared Print
Service Note Number:
Associated Part Numbers:
Serial Number Range:
• 115V
USCB000703-USCB001710, NLCB000703-NLCB001710,
SGCB000703-SGCB001710, USCC000703-USCC001710,
NLCC000703-NLCC001710, SGCC000703-SGCC001710.
• 220V
USRB000045-USRB00083, NLRB000045-NLRB000883,
SGRB000045-SGRB000883, USRC000045-USRC000883,
NLRC000045-NLRC000883, SGRC000045-SGRC000883.
potential for smeared print. Smeared print is typically noticed first in
heavy black or graphic areas, usually at the right-hand side of the
media. More specifically, without magnification, blotchy areas of toner or
fuzziness are visible around characters. A coating on the transfer roller
and a specific current value applied to the roller induce this print
HP has implemented an uncoated transfer roller and
increased the current to the transfer roller via the DC controller printed
circuit board (PCB). These solutions appear to have resolved this print-
smear defect. After verifying the serial number range and the print
defect, replace the transfer roller and the DC controller PCB.
C3166A-01 & C3167A-01
Printers in the serial number range given above have a
RG5-1887-000CN, C3166-69003
Technical Tips – 209


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