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HP LaserJet Quick Reference Service Manual Page 127

Volume i.
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Transfer of Toner Image
After printing a document on an HP LaserJet printer, folding it, and
sending it through the mail, you might observe that a portion of the print
image was transferred to opposing surfaces of the folded document.
The laser printing process uses a pigmented plastic powder (toner) to
form a print image that is first transferred to a sheet of paper (or other
print medium) and then melted (fused) onto the surface of the paper to
form a permanent image. Although paper is usually thought of as being
soft, it is actually quite abrasive. When the printed page is folded,
movement under pressure between a paper surface and the toner
image may cause the paper to abrade (scratch) the toner, causing a
transfer of the toner material onto the opposing surface of the paper.
This can be demonstrated by rubbing a print image against (or into) a
clean sheet of paper.
Some machinery, such as that used by the U.S. Postal Service to sort
mail, can apply the necessary pressure and agitation to cause this
phenomenon of toner image transfer.
To minimize this effect:
Reduce the amount (or height) of toner used to produce the print
Use a paper that is less abrasive.
Ensure optimal fusing of the toner (print) image to the paper.
The amount of toner used to produce a print image is controlled by the
print density dial, slide, or control panel settings in the
HP LaserJet printers. The print density should be adjusted for a lighter
image to reduce the amount (height) of toner prone to abrasive transfer.
The HP LaserJet printers have been designed for optimum results with
xerographic (laser) bond papers, such as XEROX 4024 photocopy
paper. The properties of this type of paper (for example, surface
roughness, composition, moisture content) are such that the other
causes of potential toner transfer are minimized. Photocopy papers are
typically less abrasive than other types of paper (such as writing bond)
and are also formulated to ensure optimal fusing of the toner image.
Using other types of paper will generally yield less than optimal results
in laser printers. For help in selecting paper suitable for use in the
Potential Toner Cartridge Issues – 125


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