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HP LaserJet 9000dn Service Manual: Communication Troubleshooting; Communications Check; Jetdirect Configuration; Verify Network And Server Operation

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Communication troubleshooting

Communications check

Communication problems are normally customer responsibility. Time spent attempting to resolve these
problems might not be covered by the Hewlett-Packard warranty. Refer the customer to the network
administrator for assistance in troubleshooting network problems.
Test message
After the printer is installed, verify communications between the printer and the IBM-compatible
computer. Enter the following at the DOS prompt:
The printer should print a directory listing of the C:\ directory.
EIO troubleshooting
The Jetdirect configuration page shown in figure 172 on page 259 contains valuable information
about the current status of the EIO accessories. Before attempting to troubleshoot a network
problem or notifying your network consultant of a problem, always print a configuration page. If an
EIO accessory is installed, the Jetdirect configuration page prints too.
See the HP Jetdirect Network Interface Configuration Guide for detailed explanations of network

Jetdirect configuration

If the EIO Jetdirect print server has successfully turned on and completed its internal
diagnostics, the
Interface Configuration Guide for further details and recommended action.
The "Network Statistics" column indicates the status of network activity. Bad packets, framing
errors, un-sendable packets, and collisions should be minimal. If a high percentage (greater than
one percent) of these occur, contact the network administrator. All of the statistics are set to zero
when the printer is powered off.
A "Novell Status" block should state the Novell printer server name to which the printer is
connected. If the Node Name reads "NPIxxxxxx" (xxxxxx = last six digits of the EIO LAN
address), the EIO card has not been configured for a Novell server. This could indicate that the
card is operating under an IPX protocol other than Novell. Consult with the network administrator
if the Node Name is not present.
In the TCP/IP protocol block, the default IP address is "" It is acceptable to operate
the printer with this default address. The error message
in this block. This is also an acceptable error code if the TCP/IP protocol is not being used.
Please check with the network administrator to determine the correct IP address for the printer.

Verify network and server operation

Try to print the job to the printer parallel port.
Try to print from the host system through the network to another printer. Contact the network
administrator for assistance.
276 Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
(for printing to parallel port #1)
message appears followed by a two digit error code. Consult the HP Jetdirect Network
message will appear. If communication is lost, an
may appear




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