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HP LaserJet 9000dn Service Manual: Jam Troubleshooting; Table 36. General Jam Troubleshooting Questions

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Jam troubleshooting

Media jams occur either when media does not reach or does not clear a photosensor along the
printer paper path in a specific amount of time. If a paper jam occurs, a
is displayed on the printer control panel. The following lists general questions you should ask and
topics you should explore prior to troubleshooting:

Table 36. General jam troubleshooting questions

What is the frequency of the
jams (e.g. continuous, one jam
per 100 pages, one jam per
1000 pages, etc.)?
Do jams only occur when the
paper is fed from a particular
paper input source (e.g., tray 1,
tray 2, tray 3, tray 4)?
Do jams only occur when paper
is output to a specific output bin
(e.g., face-down bin, face-up bin,
duplexer, stapler)?
Do jams occur with a specific
type of media?
Where does the leading edge of
the first sheet of paper in the
printer's paper path stop when a
jam occurs? Are any sheets of
paper physically damaged or
Is the customer loading the
paper trays correctly?
Is the customer overfilling the
paper trays?
Are the paper tray guides set
Does the printer need cleaning?
When was the user maintenance
performed on the printer?
Is the custom size switch set
254 Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
Verify the frequency of the jam with the customer. Print or display the event
log to determine jam history. See "Event log page" on page 207.
See "Jams" on page 255 and "Paper path test" on page 238 to isolate the
See "Jams" on page 255 and "Paper path test" on page 238 to isolate the
Try known good media. See the HP LaserJet Printer Family Print Media
Attempt to duplicate. See "Paper path test" on page 238. Inspect the paper
path and all paper path mechanical assemblies prior to the leading jam.
Observe the customer loading the paper. See proper paper handling
procedures in the HP LaserJet Printer Family Print Media Guide.
Make sure that the paper level is NOT above the maximum fill marks in the
paper trays. Observe the customer loading paper in the trays.
Make sure that the tray 2 and tray 3 paper guides are set correctly both at
the front and rear of the tray. Make sure that the front fence is locked into the
correct position. For tray 4, make sure that all adjustments are set correctly:
front, back, and side at the top and bottom of the tray.
Inspect the paper path and paper path rollers. See "Internal cleaning" on
page 70.
From the configuration page, determine the number of pages since the last
maintenance. The preventive maintenance kit should be installed every
350,000 images.
Ensure the switch is set correctly for the media selected.




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