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Maintaining The Printer; Printer Maintenance - Canon LR1 User Manual

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This section describes printer maintenance and cautions for transporting the printer.

Printer Maintenance

When maintaining the printer, always follow these precautions:
When caring for your printer, turn the power off, and unplug the power cord from
the electrical outlet. If you do not unplug the printer and you accidentally turn the
power on, the parts inside the printer will start to move and you could be injured.
Do not use flammable solvents, such as paint thinner, benzene, or alcohol. They can
result in fire or electrical shock.
Do not unplug the power cord from the power outlet while the
flashing. This may damage the printer.
Do not use paper towels or tissue to clean the inside of the printer. Paper particles
remaining inside the printer will stick to the print head and cause a blockage in the
nozzle. Use a soft cloth.
Be careful that no liquids, such as water, enter the printer unit. This may damage the
When cleaning inside the printer, be careful not to bend or pull the film cable. This
may damage the printer.

Maintaining the Printer

Chapter 4
Maintaining the Printer
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