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Yamaha YZ450F(Y Owner's Manual: Adjustments

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The thickness "a" of each pad is indi-
cated in hundredths of millimeters on
the pad upper surface.
d. Round off the last digit of the in-
stalled pad number to the nearest
Last digit of pad
Rounded valve
0, 1 or 2
4, 5 or 6
8 or 9
Installed pad number = 148
Rounded off value = 150
Pads can only be selected in 0.05
mm increments.
e. Locate the rounded-off value and
the measured valve clearance in
the chart "PAD SELECTION TA-
BLE". The field where these two
coordinates intersect shows the
new pad number to use.
Use the new pad number only as a
guide when verifying the valve clear-
ance adjustment.
f. Install the new pads "3" and the
valve lifters "4".
• Apply the engine oil on the valve lift-
• Apply the molybdenum disulfide oil
on the valve stem ends.
• Valve lifter must turn smoothly
when rotated with a finger.
• Be careful to reinstall valve lifters
and pads in their original place.
g. Install the camshafts (exhaust
and intake).
Refer to "CAMSHAFTS" section
in the CHAPTER 4.


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