Yamaha YZ450F(Y Owner's Manual Page 152

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17. Install:
• Outer tube "1"
To inner tube "2".
18. Install:
• Slide metal "1"
• Oil seal washer "2"
To outer tube slot.
Press the slide metal into the outer
tube with fork seal driver "3".
Fork seal driver:
19. Install:
• Oil seal "1"
Press the oil seal into the outer tube
with fork seal driver "2".
Fork seal driver:
20. Install:
• Stopper ring "1"
Fit the stopper ring correctly in the
groove in the outer tube.
21. Install:
• Dust seal "1"
Apply the lithium soap base grease
on the inner tube.
22. Check:
• Inner tube smooth movement
Tightness/binding/rough spots →
Repeat the steps 15 to 21.
23. Measure:
• Distance "a"
Out of specification → Turn into
the locknut.
Distance "a":
16 mm (0.63 in) or more
Between the damper
assembly "1" bottom
and locknut "2" bot-
24. Install:
• Collar "1"
• Fork spring "2"
To damper assembly "3".
Install the collar with its larger dia.
end "a" facing the fork spring.
25. Install:
• Damper assembly "1"
To inner tube "2".
To install the damper assembly
into the inner tube, hold the inner
tube aslant. If the inner tube is held
vertically, the damper assembly
may fall into it, damaging the valve
26. Loosen:
• Rebound damping adjuster "1"
• Loosen the rebound damping ad-
juster finger tight.
• Record the set position of the ad-
juster (the amount of turning out the
fully turned in position).
27. Install:
• Push rod "1"
• Copper washer "2"
• Adjuster "3"
To damper assembly "4".
• While compressing the inner tube
"5", set the cap bolt ring wrench "7"
between the inner tube and locknut
• Fully finger tighten the adjuster onto
the damper assembly.
Cap bolt ring wrench:


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