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Error Codes

A Codes
Error Code
Xerox WorkCentre 5016/5020 User Guide

Document Present

The green indicator lights up when a document is loaded correctly in the
Document Feeder.
• This option is only available when the Document Feeder is fitted on the machine.
Documents jammed in the
Document Feeder.
The size of documents that are
loaded in the Document Feeder is
not supported, and resulted in a
document jam.
The Document Feeder Cover is
When leaving the Document Cover
slightly open to scan a document
with a certain thickness such as a
book on the Document Glass, if
another document is also loaded in
the Document Feeder, the machine
does not allow you to scan a
document on the Document Glass.
Fault Clearance Procedure
Remove the jammed document
For information on how to remove the
jammed document, refer to "A1:
Document Jams" (P.109).
Remove the jammed document
carefully, and use the Document
Glass instead.
For information on how to remove the
jammed document, refer to "A1:
Document Jams" (P.109).
Close the Document Feeder Cover.
Remove the document in the
Document Feeder before starting to
scan the document on the Document



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