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Charcoal Filters - Electrolux CH 950 Instruction Book

Electrolux cooker hood instruction manual


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Before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning isolate the cooker hood from the mains supply.

Charcoal Filters

In the recirculation mode the charcoal fi lters absorb smells and unwanted odours.
Enabling the alarm signal
• In Recirculation version Hoods, the Filter saturation alarm can be enabled on installation or at a later date.
• Turn the Lights and the suction Motor off.
• Disconnect the Hood using the Main switch or the double-pole switch on the mains power supply.
• Restore the connection by pressing and holding T1.
• Release the button. All fi ve LEDs are turned on
• Within 3 seconds press T1 until LEDs T1 and T4 fl ash in confi rmation:
• LED fl ashes twice - Activated charcoal fi lter saturation alarm ENABLED
• LED fl ashes once - Activated charcoal fi lter saturation alarm DISABLED
The fi lter is not washable and cannot be regenerated. It must be replaced when led S1 fl ashes or at least every
4 months. The alarm signal will only light up when the extractor motor is switched on.
To Remove/Replace the Charcoal Filters
• Remove the metal grease fi lters
• Remove the saturated activated carbon fi lter by
releasing the fi xing hooks
• Fit the new fi lter by hooking it into its seating
• Replace the metal grease fi lters.
This appliance can be a possible fi re
hazard if the grease and charcoal fi lters
are not cleaned and replaced as recommended.
Alarm signal reset
• Switch off the lights and extractor motor.
• Press button T3 for at least 3 seconds, until the
leds start to fl ash.
Changing the Light halogen
• Remove the snap-on lamp cover by levering it from
under the metal ring, supporting it with one hand.
• Remove the halogen lamp from the lamp holder by
pulling gently.
• Replace the lamp with a new one of the same type,
making sure that you insert the two pins properly into
the housings on the lamp holder.
• Replace the snap-on lamp cover.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents