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Electrolux ZCV750W Manual page 5

Electrolux central vacuum cleaner manual


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how the pipe are laid out, and by noting where the suction is
still good, it should be possible to logically work out where the
stoppage is located.
5. Imagination? Many people, who just have had central vacuum
cleaners installed, are making an error in determining the suc-
tion, because the sound effects are absent.
Characteristics of the circuit card
1. Soft start
The moment of start is delayed with a TRIAC relay, giving a delay
of start-up current to the motor with about 1 second. The start-
up tension will in this way be much lower, which in turn means
that the wear on fuses, circuits and motor will be lower.
2. Low tension LED Auto-polarity *2
The green LED for the power cable, which is on the unit, will
always shine when there is current
3. Counter for hours worked *3
Through the use of EEPROM technology (program memory),
the card registers two types of timings that the user can easily
control, using a simple LED indicator that is placed on the shield
of the circuit board.
a. Short time b. Total time
Time of use
LED colour
15 hours
The vacuum cleaner
Change/control has been used
Slow flashing
for 15 hours since
last activation of the
confirmation button
0–399 hours
< than 400 hrs of use
400–499 hours Orange
> than 400 hrs of use Maintenance/inspect.
> than 500 hrs of use Have the engine
4. Test of functions
After the power cable has been connected, the circuit board
performs a test of functions.
If everything is OK, the LED will flash rapidly for a few seconds
and then stop. Delay in shutdown. When turning off the vacuum
cleaner, a 2 second delay will be added in order to ensure that
the pipes and the hose are empty when the unit is turned off.
Reset / demo switch *6
Performs the following actions:
Partial reset
Total reset
7. Circuit breaker *7
The circuit board is
equipped with a circuit
breaker (Button marked
''circuit breaker".
To reset, press the
Change/control dust
bag and press con-
firmation button for
5 seconds
Press and release
The board will perform a test
the switch
of functions and will go though
within 5 seconds
all steps in the previous table
(table 1)
If the motor does not
The system will reset the 15
run, press the switch
hour counter to 0, the flashing
for 5 seconds
the fashing LED (3) will continue
Press the swithch
The system will reset the count-
for more than 30
er for total time to zero
seconds when the
motor is running
*2 *3 *6

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