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Oven - Helpful Hints And Tips - Zanussi ZCV560M User Manual

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To deactivate the appliance, turn the oven functions
control knob and the temperature control knob to the
Off position.
Safety thermostat
To prevent dangerous overheating (due to incorrect use of
the appliance or defective components), the oven has a
The oven functions
Oven functions
The oven is OFF
Conventional cooking
Bottom heating element
Fan forced cooking
Pizza economic

Oven - Helpful hints and tips

• The appliance has four shelf levels. Count the shelf
levels from the bottom of the appliance floor.
• You can cook different dishes on two levels at the same
time. Place the shelves on level 1 and 3.
• Moisture can condense in the appliance or on the glass
doors. This is normal. Always stand back form the ap-
pliance when you open the appliance door while cook-
ing. To decrease the condensation, run the appliance
for 10 minutes before cooking.
• Wipe away moisture after every use of the appliance.
• Do not put the objects directly on the appliance floor
and do not cover the components with aluminium foil
when you cook. This can change the baking results and
damage the enamel coating.
Baking cakes
• Preheat the oven for approximately 10 minutes before
Full grill
safety thermostat, which interrupts the power supply. The
oven switches back on again automatically, when the tem-
perature drops.
Heats both from the top and bottom element. To bake and roast
on one oven level.
The full grill element is on. To grill flat food items in large quan-
tities. To make toasts. Maximum temperature for this function is
210 °C
Heats only from the bottom of the oven. To bake cakes with
crispy or crusty bases.
To roast or roast and bake the food that requires the same cook-
ing temperature, using more than one shelf, without flavour
To roast or roast and bake the food quickly on one level, using
grill and bottom elements assisted by fan.
• Do not open the oven door before 3/4 of the set cook-
ing time is up.
• If you use two baking trays at the same time, keep one
level empty between them.
Cooking meat and fish
• Do not cook meat with weight below 1 kg. Cooking too
small quantities makes the meat too dry.
• Use a dripping pan for very fatty food to prevent the
oven from stains that can be permanent.
• Leave the meat for approximately 15 minutes before
carving so that the juice does not seep out.
• To prevent too much smoke in the oven during roast-
ing, add some water into the dripping pan. To prevent
the smoke condensation, add water each time after it
dries up.



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