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Hood Operation; Safety Warnings For User - AEG 115 D Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Electrolux operating instructions extractor hood 115 d.
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Hood Operation

The hood is fitted with a variable speed motor. The most effective
use of the hood is obtained by switching it on a few minutes before
you start cooking and leaving it on a for approximately 15 minutes
after you have finished, thus ensuring all cooking odours are
eliminated. The control switches are located on the unit's front
panel: the light switch switches the hood lamp on and off;
the motor switch switches the cooking smoke and vapour
extractor motor on and off, enabling you to select one of the four
different speeds.
Light switch
Never leave a cooking hob or ring on without a pot or pan on top
of it, to avoid the possibility of excess heat damaging the unit.
Gas, oil or coal cooker flames in particular should never be left
Special care should be taken when using deep fat fryers since the
oil in them can overheat and burst into flames.
The risk of a fat fire increases when using dirty oil.
It is extremely important to note that overheating can cause a fire.
Never carry out any flambé cooking under the hood.
Always disconnect the unit from the power supply before
carrying out any work on the hood, including replacing the
light bulb (take the cartridge fuse out of the fuse holder or switch
off the automatic circuit breaker).
It is very important to clean the hood and replace the filter at
the recommended intervals. Failure to do so could cause
grease deposits to build up, causing a fire hazard.
continuous sliding
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